Second Council of Singers charges

As was noted at the 1st General IAMSLIC Business Meeting on Monday, October 18, 2010, a Second Council of Singers is currently  being formed.  This strategic planning group will provide recommendations for IAMSLIC’s future.  The following are the charges reviewed by the IAMSLIC Executive Board on October 20, 2010.

CHARGE ONE:  Investigate improving the Annual Conference and investigate enabling more participants to attend

CHARGE TWO: Explore expanding IAMSLIC membership

CHARGE THREE: Investigate methods to improve communication across IAMSLIC and the regional groups

CHARGE FOUR: Explore ways to improve the structure of the Executive Board and Committees to broaden participation by members throughout all regional groups

The Second Council of Singers membership shall  consist of 10-12 people with representatives from all regional groups and at least one representative from the First Council of Singers.  Two Past Presidents shall be on this Council and 1-2 members shall be new IAMSLIC members.  Those interested in serving should contact their regional representative or express interest to any Executive Board member. The chair of the Web & Communications committee, Steve Watkins, is already appointed and a participant  from the Membership committee is being solicited.

Ruth Gustafson, IAMSLIC President 2010

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