2010 IAMSLIC Conference Day 1

I spend an early morning out walking on the rocks daring the Atlantic to wash me out to sea.  Obviously, I survived the outing with some great pictures and video of the thundering ocean.

As I returned to the hotel to prepare for the day, folks began donating items to the Guin Auction. The generosity of members just astonishes me every year. The items donated are varied and beautiful. We’ve got original art photography from Marcel Branneman, scarves from Mexico, handmade jewelry, souvenirs from Croatia, just lots of stuff.  So, with help from Jennifer Walton, we got the Guin Auction set up and ready for bidding. And the bidders have come. The enthusiasm for this fundraiser is amazing. Again, the generous membership comes through to support their colleagues.

The actual papers began with a talk by Dr Rut Akselman on the beauty of marine diatoms and how studying these creatures inspired embroidered art.  Dr Akselman lives and breathes diatoms as her professional career drives some of what she does in her leisure time. While not everyone has the luxury of a job they love so much, a few are lucky enough to actually be what they are.  And the intertwining of science and art helps the study of both areas.

Janet Webster and Barb Butler shared some new views on core marine science journals in the light of significant budget cuts both from loss of revenue and from journal price increases from publishers. As our budgets shrink, we are forced to make difficult choices in what journals we continue to subscribe and what journals are falling by the wayside. There were a couple of recommendations: 1. work with neighboring institutions to ensure regional access to journal titles, and 2. have IAMSLIC coordinate and negotiate journal prices for member libraries, a consortium of sorts. Following this presentation, Guillermina Cosulich presented on how South American libraries are accessing journals from commercial publixshers.  Then we were thinking of new ways to serve our favorite, most demanding patrons with new products and services to keep them happy and ensure their access to quality research with Lucrecia Felquer and Romina Medina. Finally, Sonja Kormann presented on a new web portal to the Fur Seal archives at the National Marine Mammal Laboratory.

Lunch was at La Trattoria with a difficult choice between fish and chicken, although most of you may know that I don’t eat fish, I catalog books about fish. But dessert was the best with chocolate mousse over a chocolate crust.

So, after a nice leisurely lunch, we all hurried right back to the first business meeting for the 2010 conference (or not as the case may be, you know who you are). In the middle of the business meeting, we had another health break. Fascinating way to do business. LOL. Some coffee, a few cookies, we were all in the mood for business as we concluded the business meeting and broke for dinner.

One of the shops in town, Portofem, specializes in clothes for women of traditional size. They even gave us coupons which means the shirt I found was actually free. Lovely way to shop. Thanx to Ana Cosulich for transportation (and every other detail she helped with) and Guillermina & Gabriela for arranging the donation of the coupons. I’m just sorry that I didn’t find anything else that I could wear. I loved the sweaters, but can’t wear them.

A nice leisurely dinner at Manolo’s down the way from the hotel with Sonja Kromann and off to bed to get enough sleep for the 2nd day of presentations, including the Green Flash Rounds. I have to speak in public.

StreamNet Regional Librarian
Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

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