Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Tuesday was a pretty intensive day, starting off with the Green Flash rounds. Green Flash is a new conference feature meant to highlight short topics like new online tools, an interesting activity at your library, something funny you found (I apologize again to Marie-Pascale for losing her picture; thankfully she had a copy), etc. For those of us who are presentation-impaired, these are great for getting a bit of experience with standing in front of our peers and talking coherently. The Green Flash presenters and topics were:

Following the coffee break, Jill Cousins showed off Europeana, the European Digital Library. This amazing library aggregates resources from all over the European Union including national libraries, museums and other cultural resources. Items include audio and video files as well as documents.

Following this presentation, we were supposed to have country reports from Euraslic participants, but only France chose to present. Off we went to another delicious lunch featuring Flemish beef stew and fries with a selection of pat├ęs, coleslaws and cold meats with rolls. Dessert was another chocolate concoction. YUM.

So, after lunch, Jan Haspeslagh was the moderator for European Information Environment Evolves with Bart Goosens and Dimitri Brosens presenting on the Research Institute for Nature and Forest’s development of their data and information center. Jan was charged with keeping us all awake, although he delegated that responsibility to the speakers. Ludmila Koval was unable to present. Each of the poster authors were also required to present briefly on their poster.

A small change in the program had the posters for the next session presenting before the papers, which included topics on the theme of Evolving Through Collaboration with Guillermina Cosulich moderating. We took a quick break, okay, not so quick, to have the group photo taken on the front steps of the Provincial Hof. After the photo session, we recongregated for the papers by Jean Crampon and Sonja Kromann.

Our vendors/sponsors were then asked to present to the group, including ProQuest, Inter-Research Science Center and NHBS. Other sponsors who did not present include Ebsco, Annual Reviews, and Elsevier. Our hosts include IOC/UNESCO Project Office for IODE and the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ).

Once again, we adjourned for the day and were free to party as we saw fit.

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