Arrival in Brugge, Belgium : Where the wild things are

After traveling for a year and a day, I and my daughter, Lily, joined the rest of the “Wild Things” in Brugge, Belgium.  Some of you know the wild, hair-raising details of me shepherding a 15 year old through the wilds of continental Europe, others don’t need to know.  Thank you to Marcel Branneman, who we met on the platform in Brussels, for a calming, interesting and enlightening conversation (all on his end, I’m a blond) then helping get my darling child to the hotel in Brugge. We’re here and we’re ready for action.

Ok, so the IAMSLIC membership is not really “Wild Things”, but we are quite a rambunctious lot of librarians who are ready to take on all things aquatic, marine and library-related in order to serve our customers better and improve the return-on-investment for our various institutions.  Some of us have so little investment to begin with, this trip is pure profit for our organizations.

I look forward to tomorrow with the walking tour of Brugge, though I may send just my daughter with my camera as my body is in revolt from the stress of the past 36 hours of travel. If nothing else, I’ll be getting the Guin Auction ready for bidding action and helping with registration. Can’t wait to meet all my new friends and see all my returning friends.

PS For those who are unfamiliar, “Where the Wild Things Are” is a children’s book by Maurice Sendak.  The movie adaptation is due to be released in the U.S. on October 16, 2009.

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