Aquatic Commons downloads reach 44,000

Since the launch of the Aquatic Commons repository in July of 2007 both the deposits and downloads have increased steadily.  From 27 documents, the repository has grown to 2,160 items in April 2009.  In April, there were 6,096 downloads.  Of the top 35 downloads,  26, or 75%, were classed as Aquaculture or Fisheries.   These 26 items accounted for 1,320 downloads.  Aquaculture Asia issues were heavily used.  Browsing by Issuing Agency now indicates that we have publications from 44 organizations.  Metadata is harvested by Avano, Google, Google Scholar, BASE, and OAIster.

Join us in sharing information about the aquatic environment.

  • Use Aquatic Commons to help promote and preserve your research
  • Partner with other researchers and organizations to allow them to share research
  • Use Avano to access more than 179,000 full text documents from repositories world-wide

Submitted by Stephanie Haas on behalf of the AC Board and the AC Working Groups

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