IAMSLIC’s newest honorary member

For most of you, the membership committee’s recent decision to include Jean Collins among the ranks of those whose long tradition of exceptional service is recognized with an honorary membership will come as little surprise. That said, Janet Webster, Barb Butler and I are happy to contribute both serious and light-hearted commentary about the experiences we’ve all had working with Jean through the years.

We will miss her keen insight into the operational aspects of our organization. Both Barb and I are especially greatful for the guidance she offered us on membership issues throughout our respective terms as President.  As both member and chair of this committee, Jean brought IAMSLIC to new parts of the world and recruited countless members.  

No one but Jean would have navigated the bureaucracy required to host an IAMSLIC meeting at FAO in Rome. For those of us lucky enough to have attended, the benefits of her remarkable efforts were immediately obvious.  Not satisfied to conquer just one bureaucratic organization, she crossed the Tiber and arranged a group tour of the Vatican.

Her network, both in Rome and throughout the developing world, is legendary. Through outreach, capacity building and sharing of expertise Jean has left a legacy that touched many in the fisheries community. Both Janet and I were fortunate to have worked directly with Jean in Rome. We submit that no one works harder to achieve a goal. She challenged both of us to match her dedication and we hope our efforts did not fall too far from that mark. Her colleagues and friends at FAO must sorely miss her daily presence.

On a more personal note, I will very much miss that Yorkshire humor applied to all things IAMSLIC. 

— Joan Parker on behalf of Janet Webster and Barb Butler



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1 Comment

  1. iamslic Said,

    January 26, 2009 @ 6:04 am

    I have known Jean since before FAO and I completely agree with you on including her among the honorary membership of IAMSLIC

    Eirikur T. Einarsson