Mission & Bylaws

SAIL, esablished in 1991 as a network of cooperating libraries that provide information and professional support to each other, scientific investigators, and the general public, is now a regional group of the International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers (IAMSLIC). The region that SAIL covers includes the Gulf Coast states in the southeastern United States, the Atlantic Coast of North America—including central and eastern Canada, Bermuda, Bahamas, Caribbean, eastern Mexico, and Panama. Membership in IAMSLIC is a prerequisite for becoming a member of SAIL. You can join IAMSLIC here. On the membership application form, circle SAIL as your regional affiliation. The SAIL annual conference is held in the spring.

SAIL operates under Article IV – Regional Groups of the IAMSLIC Bylaws:

  1. Formation and Recognition. A majority of the IAMSLIC members within a proposed region may propose to the IAMSLIC Executive Board that a Regional Group be formed. Recognition of Regional Status will be by majority vote of the Executive Board.
  2. Membership in Regional Groups. Requirements for regional membership and any regional membership fees will be at the discretion of the Regional Group. All members of a Regional Group will be actively encouraged to become full members of IAMSLIC and therefore be able to vote and to run for office in IAMSLIC.
  3. Regional Representation on IAMSLIC Executive Board. A Regional Group may elect one (1) of their full IAMSLIC members to the IAMSLIC Executive Board. Regional Representatives shall be elected by the IAMSLIC members within the Regional Group. Such Regional Representatives shall be full voting members of the Executive Board and shall serve for one (1) term of two (2) years.
  4. Maintaining Regional Status. The Regional Group will provide a membership list annually to the Executive Board. The Executive Board will review the list every two (2) years to determine if regional status for any Regional Group should continue.
  5. Regional Treasury. A Regional Group may maintain its own treasury and undertake projects and activities consistent with the goals of IAMSLIC.
  6.  Dissolution of Regional Groups. Dissolution of Regional Groups will be by majority vote of the Executive Board.