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Conference outings

1. Pre-Conference trip to Colo-I-Suva Forest Park

Sunday, September 14th, 9am-1pm

($12.00 US per person includes entrance fee, guide and bottled water)

Transportation from Suva to Colo-I-Suva and back to Suva will be organized
(private vehicles).

Lush and green, this place is one of the best places to chill out and cool
off in Fiji. Colo-I-Suva is a tranquil oasis of tropical flora, teeming with
colourful birdlife, with many species unique to Fiji. The park is criss-
crossed with 6.5km of walking trails and peppered with clear natural pools in
which you can take a soothing dip. The views are truly striking, and
everywhere you look there are verdant hills and bubbling streams. Nature
lovers and bird-watchers will obviously find much to enjoy here, but it’s a
place that will appeal to most people looking to escape the urban buzz for a
few hours and to lose themselves in endless, peaceful green. Easily reached by
bus or car from Suva, this park offers a true rainforest experience without
straying too far from civilization.” Source:

Participants can have lunch/drinks in Raintree Lodge Restaurant after the trip (lunch cost is not included in
the field trip cost).

2. Conference Field Trip to Monfort Boys Town, Pacific Harbour Arts Village (Shopping Centre) and Uprising Resort

Thursday, September 18th, 1pm-7pm

($20.00 US per person)

Montfort Boys Town is a Catholic school that gives free technical courses for
disadvantaged boys from all parts of Fiji. The IBS was designed by Professor
George Chan of the United Nations University in Tokyo, in collaboration with
the Zero Emissions Research Initiative (ZERI) Foundation. The IBS operates
along a basic concept where the waste from one process is upgraded and
completely utilized in another, which results in zero emissions from the
system. The IBS system links simple agricultural activities mushroom
growing, pig raising, fish farming, and traditional vegetable growing in a
unique series of material flows to utilize all available nutrients and
eliminate the economic and environmental costs of feed, fertilizer, and waste
disposal. The system also serves as a general teaching tool for the boys, who
are responsible for the daily maintenance and upkeep of the system.

Arts Village Shopping Centre
“The shopping at Arts Village is a real plus to the attraction. There a plenty
of great shops. This centre caters to everyone locals and visitors alike. With
a laid- back atmosphere that pervades the complex, thanks to the awesome
Fijian shop owners and their staff. The friendliness, cheekiness, and capacity
to laugh & smile is infectious and makes your shopping experience a real
treat. We work hard to ensure that you get the best value possible so don’t
expect to see any ‘inflated prices for the tourists’ here, that just wont
happen” Source:

Uprising Resort
Before going back to Suva we will stop over for one hour in Uprising Beach
Resort to relax on a beautiful sandy beach and swim in the ocean.

3. Day Trip to Beqa Island-Lawaki Resort

Friday, September 19th all day

($70.US per person includes boat fare, lunch (lovo feast with fish, pork, chicken and all fijian goodies, coffee, tea and sweets),
transport from Suva).  Minimum group Р30 people
Lawaki resort is ideal place to relax, swim and snorkel (10 sets of snorkeling
gear is available from the resort, day rent – $F 5.00)

4. The Jewel of Fiji Day tour – Navua River Eco Adventure & Fijian

Culture Experience

Friday, September 19th all day

($45.US per person includes river canoeing, magic waterfalls, bamboo rafting & Fijian
village tour. Round trip transportation from Suva included.)