Upcoming Conference 2018

44th IAMSLIC Conference: Entebbe, Uganda, 21-25 October, in conjunction with the 6th AFRIAMSLIC Regional Meeting

Future Conference 2019

45th IAMSLIC Conference: Port Aransas, TX, USA, in conjunction with the Annual SAIL Conference

Future conference 2020

46th IAMSLIC Conference: Wellington, New Zealand

Past Conferences

2017, “Blurring the Edges: The Osmosis of Ideas”
43rd IAMSLIC Conference: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, October 22-26, 2017

2016, “Traditional Knowledge and Modern Information Practice”
42nd IAMSLIC Conference: Mérida, Mexico, October 16-20, in conjunction with the 3rd Latin American Regional Group Meeting. Group Photo 2016 and We Are IAMSLIC Photo 2016

2015, “Blue Growth: Motivating Innovations in Aquatic Information Management”
41st IAMSLIC Conference: Rome, Italy, September 7-11, in conjunction with the 16th EURASLIC Biennial Meeting. Conference photo: Group Photo 2015

2014, “Forty Years of Sailing : Connecting Islands in a Digital World”
40th IAMSLIC Conference: Noumea, New Caledonia, September 14-18 held jointly with 2nd Pacific Islands Regional Group Meeting Conference photos: Group Photo 2014 and Group Photo 2014 with banner

2013, “Visualizing a Bright Future”
39th IAMSLIC Conference: Dania Beach, Florida, U.S.A., October 20-24 held jointly with the 2013 SAIL Meeting Conference photos: Group Photo 2013 and Group Photo 2013 with pizzazz

2012, “Exploring New Frontiers in Aquatic Sciences Information Management”
38th IAMSLIC Conference: Anchorage, Alaska, U.S.A., August 26-30 held jointly with the 24th Cyamus Meeting: August 24-25
Conference photo: Group Photo 2012

2011, “Information Safari: Discovering and Sharing Resources”
37th IAMSLIC Conference: Zanzibar, Tanzania, October 16-20. Conference photo: Group Photo 2011

2010, “Netting Knowledge: Two Hemispheres – One World”
36th IAMSLIC Conference: Mar del Plata, Argentina, October 17-21 Conference photo: Group Photo 2010

2009, “Confluence of Ideas: Evolving to meet the challenges of global change”
35th IAMSLIC Conference and 13th Biennial EURASLIC Conference: Brugge, Belgium, September 27 – October 1. Conference photo: Group Photo 2009

2008, “IAMSLIC: Sustainability in a Changing Climate”
34th IAMSLIC Conference: Suva, Fiji, September 14 – 18. Conference photo: Group Photo 2008

2007, “IAMSLIC: Changes on the Horizon”
33rd IAMSLIC Conference and 17th Annual SAIL Meeting: Sarasota, Florida, USA, October 7 – 11. Conference photo: Group Photo 2007

2006, “IAMSLIC: Every Continent, Every Ocean”
32nd IAMSLIC Conference: Portland, Oregon, USA, October 8 – 12. Conference photo: Group Photo 2006

2005, “Information for Responsible Fisheries : Libraries as Mediators”
31st IAMSLIC Conference: FAO, Rome, Italy, October 10 – 14 Conference Program. Conference photo: Group Photo 2005

2004, “Voyages of Discovery: Parting the Seas of Information Technology”
30th IAMSLIC/PLC Conference: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, September 5 – 9
Conference photo: Group Photo 2004

2003, “Navigating the Shoals: Evolving User Services in Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries”
29th IAMSLIC conference: Mystic, Connecticut, U.S.A., October 5 – 9
Conference photo: Group Photo 2003

2002, “Bridging the Digital Divide”
28th Annual Conference: Mazatlan, Mexico, October 6 – 11
Conference photo: Group Photo 2002

2001, “Managing Resources in a Sea of Change”
27th Joint 27th IAMSLIC and 9th EURASLIC Conference: Brest, France, October 14 – 19
Conference photo: Group Photo 2001

2000, “Tides of Technology”
26th Annual Conference: Victoria, B.C., Canada, September 30 – October 5
Conference photo: Group Photo 2000

1999, “Recasting the Nets”
25th Conference and 25th Anniversary Celebration: Woods Hole, MA, October 16 – 22

1998, “Electronic Information and Publications: Looking to the Electronic Future, Let’s not Forget the Archival Past.” 24th Joint IAMSLIC/Polar Libraries Colloquy Conference: Reykjavik, Iceland, September 20 – 25
Conference photo: Group Photo 1998

1997, “Data or Information: The Fading Boundaries”
23rd Annual Conference: Charleston, SC, October 5 – 9

1996, “Tradition and Innovation: Planning Our Future”
22nd Annual Conference: Monterey Bay, CA, October 13 – 18
Conference photo: Group Photo 1996

1995, “Information Across the Waves: The World as a Multimedia Experience”
21st Annual Conference: Southampton, England, October 8 – 12
Conference photo: Group Photo 1995

1994, “Building Global Connections”
20th Annual Conference: Honolulu, Hawaii, October 9 – 13
Conference photo: Group Photo 1994

1993, “Preserving the Past, Looking to the Future”
19th Annual Conference: Bethesda, MD, October 11 – 5

1992, “Aquatic Information Resources, Tools of our Trade”
18th Annual Conference: Bremerhaven, Germany, October 5 – 9
Conference photo: Group Photo 1992

1991, “The Aquatic Environment: Description, Management, Conservation”
17th Annual Conference: Galveston, TX, October 7 – 11
Conference photo: Group Photo 1991

1990, “Breaking the Barriers to the Free Flow of Information”
16th Annual Conference: Seattle, WA, October 1 – 5

1989, “IAMSLIC at a Crossroads”
15th Annual Conference: St. George’s, Bermuda, October 2 – 6
Conference photo: Group Photo 1989

1988, “Marine Science Information Throughout the World: Sharing the Resources”
14th Annual Conference: Key Biscayne, FL, October 3 – 7

1987, “Oceans from a Global Perspective: International Cooperation in Marine Science Information Transfer”
13th Annual Conference: Halifax, Nova Scotia, October 5 – 9

1986, “Marine Science Library Networks: National and International”
12th Annual Conference: Newport, OR, October 6 – 10
Conference photo: Group Photo 1986

1985, “Marine Science Information: An International Commodity”
11th Annual Conference: Gloucester Point, VA, October 14 – 18

1984, “(First published proceedings) Year of the Oceans: Science Information Handling”
10th Annual Conference: Woods Hole, MA, October 2 – 5

1983, “Creative Information Handling in the Eighties”
9th Annual Conference: Port Aransas, TX, October 4 – 7

1982, “The Geography of the Oceans”
8th Annual Conference: Beaufort, NC, October 17 – 20

1981, “Accessing Marine Science Information”
7th Annual Conference: La Jolla, CA, October 10 – 13

1980, “Marine Publishing in the 80’s”
6th Annual Conference: Halifax, Nova Scotia, October 19 – 22

1979, “Cooperation and Information Exchange in the Marine Sciences”
5th Annual Conference: Charleston, SC, November 7 – 9

4th Annual Conference: Woods Hole, MA, September 28 – 29

1977, “Ocean Issues-The Decade Ahead: Impact on Information Services”
3rd Annual Conference: Washington DC, October 15 – 16

2nd Annual Conference: Woods Hole, MA, October 23 – 24

1st Annual Conference: Woods Hole, MA, October 9 – 10