African Union List of Marine and Aquatic Serials

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Serial titles starting with N:

Naga [The Iclarm Quarterly]
Naga, The Iclarm Quarterly
Naga,The Iclarm Quarterly
Naro Bulletin
National Agriculture Digest
Natural Resources Journal
Nature Et Faune [ Wildlife And Nature - Internal Journal On Nature Conservation In Africa]
New Phytologist
New Scientist
New Zealand Journal Of Marine And Freshwater Research
Niffr Newsletter
Nigerian Behavioural Sciences Journal
Nigerian Field
Nigerian Fisheries And Aquatic Sciences Abstracts
Nigerian Food Journal
Nigerian Journal Of Agricultural Sciences
Nigerian Journal Of Animal Production
Nigerian Journal Of Biotechnology
Nigerian Journal Of Botany
Nigerian Journal Of Economic And Social Studies
Nigerian Journal Of Fisheries
Nigerian Journal Of Genetics
Nigerian Journal Of Natural Sciences
Nigerian Journal Of Renewable Energy
Nigerian Journal Of Science
Nigerian Journal Of Technical Education
Nigerian Journal Of Weeds Science
Nigerian Medical Journal
Nigerian Veterinary Journal
Nordic Journal For Research
Nordic Journal Of Fisheries Research
North America Journal Of Fisheries Management
North American Journal Of Fisheries Management

Number of titles: 34

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