African Union List of Marine and Aquatic Serials

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Serial titles starting with L:

L.K.F.R.I. Project Report
La Lettre Du Dipa
La Pirogue Gaal-Gui
Labyrinth : Anabantoid Association Of Great Britain Newsletter
Lake And Reservoir Management
Lakes And Reservoirs
Lakes And Reservoirs : Research And Management
Larviculture And Artemia Newsletter
Le Pecheur Mool-Mi
Liaison Bulletin Sustainable Fisheries Livelihoods Programme In West Africa
Light Lines / Bulawayo Light Tackle Club
Limnology And Oceanography
Limnology - The Japanese Society Of Limnology
Limnology And Oceanography
Link : Bulletin Of The E.D.A
Linnean : Newsletter And Proceedings Of The Linnean Society Of London
Living Systems And Sustainable Development
Loicz Newsletter
Ltr Newsletter
Luso : Journal Of Science And Technology / Published By The School Of Science, University Of Malawi
Lvemp Newsbulletin

Number of titles: 25

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