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Serial titles starting with C:

Cahiers De L'Indo-Pacifique
Cahiers Du Pacifique : Publication De La Foundation Singer-Polignac
Cahiers O.R.S.T.O.M. Serie Hydrobiologie
Cahiers O.R.S.T.O.M. Serie Oceanographie
California Aquatic Farming / California Aquaculture Association
California Fish And Game
Canadian Fish Culturist
Canadian Journal of Aquatic Science
Canadian Journal Of Fisheries And Aquatic Sciences
Canadian Journal Of Fisheries And Aquatic Science
Canadian Journal Of Fisheries And Aquatic Sciences
Canadian Journal Of Fisheries And Aquatic Sciences= Journal Canadien Des Sciences Halieutiques Et Aquatiques = Journal Canadien Des Sciences Halieutiques Et Aquatiques
Canadian Journal Of Zoology
Canadian Journal Of Zoology (Canada)
Canadian Special Publication Of Fisheries And Aquatic Sciences
Canadian Technical Report Of Fisheries And Aquatic Sciences
Cape Angler : Fisheries Newsletter = Kaapse Hengelaar : Visserynuusbrief / Cape Province. Department Of Nature And Environmental Conservation
Cape Conservation Series
Caribbean Marine Studies : Journal Of The Institute Of Marine Affairs
Carlsberg Foundation'S Oceanographical Expedition Round The World 1928-30, And Previous Dana -Expeditions / Under The Leadership Of The Late Professor Johannes Schmidt
Ccamlr Science
Ccamlr Science : Journal Of The Scientific Committee And The Commission For The Conservation Of Antarctic Marine Living Resources
Ccwr Newsletter / Computing Centre For Water Research
Cecaf/Ecaf Series
Cecaf/Tech Series
Chesapeake Science
Chromosoma (Biology Of The Nucleus)
Cichlid News
Ciencia Y Tecnologia Del Mar / Comite Oceanografico Nacional
Ciencias Marinas
Cifa Occasional Paper
Cifa Technical Paper
Cimbebasia : Journal Of The State Museum, Windhoek
Cimbebasia = Cimazine
Cimbebasia Memoirs / State Museum
Cimbebasia. Series A
Cladistics : The International Journal Of The Willi Hennig Society
Climate Research
Cmfri Newsletter
Cmfri Special Publication
Coastal Engineering
Coastal Heritage : A Bulletin Of The Coastal Heritage Program Of The South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium
Coastal Management
Coastline : The New Cape Coast Magazine
Collected Marine Reprints (Edward Percival Field Station) / Edward Percival Field Station, Kaikoura, New Zealand
Collected Papers / Mote Marine Laboratory
Collected Reprints / Jlb Smith Institute Of Ichthyology
Collected Reprints / University Of Cape Town. Institute Of Oceanography
Collected Reprints International Indian Ocean Expedition
Collection Forum
Collection Of Scientific Papers= Recueil De Documents Scientifiques. Coleccion De Documentos Cientificos
Commercial Fisheries Review
Comparative Biochemistry And Physiology
Comparative Biochemistry And Physiology. A
Comparative Biochemistry And Physiology. B
Comparative Biochemistry And Physiology. C
Conservation Biology
Conservation Biology : The Journal Of The Society For Conservation Biology
Contemporary Poland
Continental Shelf Research
Contribuicoes Avulsas Do Instituto Oceanografico: Oceanografia Biologica
Contributions - Scripps Institution Of Oceanography
Contributions From The Department Of Fisheries And The Fishery Research Laboratory, Kyushu University
Contributions In Marine Science
Contributions In Science
Contributions In Science / Los Angeles County Museum
Contributions Of The Fisheries Research Laboratory : Mie University
Contributions To Canadian Biology (Biological Board Of Canada)
Copace/Pace Series (Programme Pour Le Developpement De Peches Dans L'Atlantique Centre-Est)
Copace/Tech Series
Copeia : A Journal Of Cold Blooded Vertebrates
Coraf Action
Coral Reefs
Coral Reefs : Journal Of The International Society For Reef Studies
Cosmar News
Cryptozoology : Interdisciplinary Journal Of The International Society Of Cryptozoology
Csir Annual Report
Csir Research Report
Csiro (Division Of Fisheries And Oceanography)
Csiro Fisheries And Oceanography Report
Cuadernos De Investigacion Biologica
Curation Newsletter / American Society Of Ichthyologists And Herpetologists
Current Affairs Bulletin / Indo-Pacific Fisheries Council
Current Bibliography For Aquatic Sciences And Fisheries
Current Contents
Custos = Custos : National Parks Board Of South Africa / Nasionale Parkeraad Van Suid-Afrika

Number of titles: 92

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