African Union List of Marine and Aquatic Serials

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Serial titles starting with F:

Fao Aquaculture Bulletin
Fao Aquaculture Newsletter
FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Report
Fao Fisheries Bulletin
Fao Fisheries Circular
Fao Fisheries Circular = Fao Circulaire Sur Les PêChes = Fao Circular De Pesca
Fao Fisheries Report
Fao Fisheries Study
Fao Fisheries Synopsis
Fao Fisheries Technical Paper
Fao Species Catalogue
Fao Yearbook. Fishery Statistics = Fao Annuaire. Statistiques Des Peches = Fao Anuario. Estadisticas De Pesca
Farm Pond Harvest
Fathoms : South Africa'S Diving Magazine
Fauna And Flora
Fba News : The Freshwater Biological Association Newsletter
Federation Of Southern African Fisheries Proceedings
Field And Tide
Fieldiana. Geology
Fieldiana. Zoology
Filchner-Ronne-Ice-Shelf-Programme : Reports
Findiver : South Africa'S Skindiving And Marine Life Magazine / South African Findiver Association
Finnish Marine Research
Fischer And Teichwirt : Fachzeitschrift Fuer Die Binnenfischerei
Fish And Fisheries
Fish And Fsheries Of The Muni Lagoon In Ghana, West Africa, 2000
Fish And Wildlife Reference Service Newsletter
Fish Bulletin
Fish Culturist
Fish Farmer
Fish Farmer Newsletter On Acquaculture In Southern Africa = Nuusbrief Oor Akwakultuur In Suider-Afrika : Departement Dierkunde, Universiteit Van Die Noorde
Fish Farming International
Fish For The People
Fish Health News
Fish Health Section Newsletter
Fish Industry Review
Fish Network
Fish Physiology And Biochemistry
Fishbyte : Newsletter Of The Network Of Tropical Fisheries Scientists / Iclarm
Fisheries And Aquaculture Update
Fisheries Bulletin
Fisheries Bulletin (Us)
Fisheries Economics Newsletter
Fisheries Leaflet
Fisheries Management
Fisheries Management And Ecology
Fisheries Management Paper
Fisheries Newsletter
Fisheries Oceanography
Fisheries Research
Fisheries Research Board Of Canada Annual Report
Fisheries Research Board Of Canada Review
Fisheries Research Board Of Canada Translation Series
Fisheries Research Bulletin
Fisheries Research Bulletin Of Zambia
Fisheries Research Division Occasional Publication
Fisheries Research Information System
Fisheries Research Papers
Fisheries Research Report
Fisheries Research Technical Report
Fisheries Science
Fisheries Technical Report
Fisheries Today
Fisheries: A Bulletin Of The American Fisheries Society
Fishery Bulletin / U.S. Dept. Of Commerce, National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration, National Marine Fisheries Service
Fishery Bulletin Of The Fish And Wildlife Service
Fishery Investigations
Fishery Statistics - Aquaculture Production
Fishery Statistics - Capture Production
Fishery Statistics: Aquaculture Production
Fishery Statistics: Capture Prodution
Fishery Technology
Fishing And Hunting Journal
Fishing Boat World
Fishing Industry Handbook
Fishing Industry Handbook : South Africa And Namibia
Fishing Industry Handbook : South Africa, Namibia And MoçAmbique
Fishing Industry News
Fishing Industry News Southern Africa
Fishing Journal
Fishing News
Fishing News International
Florida Marine Research Publications
Flyfishers : Journal Of The Fly-Fishers' Club
Flyfishers Journal
Flyfishing : The Official Journal Of The Federation Of Southern African Flyfishers
Folia Universitatis Agriculturae Stetinensis
Folia Universitatis Agriculturae Stetinensis. Piscaria
Folia Universitatis Agriculturae Stetinensis. Scientia Alimentaria
Food Technology
France Peche
Frd Annual Report = Sno Jaarverslag
Freshwater And Aquaculture Contents Tables. Actualites Des Eaux Douces Et De L'Aquaculture
Freshwater And Marine Aquarium
Freshwater And Marine Aquarium Magazine
Freshwater Biological Association Annual Report
Freshwater Biological Association Scientific Publications
Freshwater Biology
Freshwater Forum

Number of titles: 101

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