Conference Site Selection Committee

Chair:  Keri Baker (2018-2020, second term)

Committee Members:
AFRIAMSLIC– vacant (2018-2020)
EURASLIC–Bart Goossens¬†(2018-2020)
Latin American–Teresa Barriga (2018-2020)
PIRG–Gunilla Jensen (2018-2020, second term)
SAIL–Kristen Metzger (2018-2020, third term)
Cyamus–Ruth Gustafson (2018-2020, second term)

Committee Membership:
This committee will consist of one member from each regional group and one member-at-large, none of whom are currently on the IAMSLIC Executive Board. Service on the committee is a two-year term and half of the committee will rotate off each year. Members remaining from the previous committee will choose a chair for the next iteration of the committee.

The committee will gather and evaluate proposals to host the Annual IAMSLIC conference in 2020 (a location in the Pacific Islands region); and begin to investigate possible host sites in the regions listed under “Schedule of Regions” below.

Timeline: Proposal for 2020 is due to the Executive Board by end of June 2017.

IAMSLIC Site Selection Guidelines:
As IAMSLIC continues to increase its international presence, identifying the location of its annual conference becomes a strategic opportunity, as it can bring together members and increase participation from targeted regions of the world. Therefore, guidelines that reflect this opportunity are critical to assist the Site Selection Committee as they do their work.

  • Every attempt should be made to hold the IAMSLIC annual conference jointly with a regional group meeting.
  • Unless extraordinary circumstances exist, IAMSLIC should not meet in the same region consecutively. Consecutive meetings in North America (Cyamus & SAIL regions) should also be avoided when possible.
  • Affordability must always be a primary factor in the final recommendation of the committee. The cost to the average member must be considered including registration, accommodations and travel.
  • Once the Site Selection Committee has been appointed and the charge given by the IAMSLIC President, a call for proposals to the membership is required. However, committee members are also expected to actively recruit potential hosts from their region.

Proposals must contain the following information:

  • Typical cost of transportation both to the site and around the region including cost in time and money. Estimated cost of flights from one city in each of the IAMSLIC regions to the conference destination should be presented.
  • Average housing costs including a range of possible accommodation types.
  • Entry process required by the host country. Many members in developing countries do not have easy access to embassies for the purpose of obtaining visas.
  • Suggested timeframe. While the second week of October has been the general target, local conditions (holidays, travel rates, weather) must be considered. The final decision on conference dates will be made in consultation with the Junior President Elect for that year.
  • How local hosts anticipate handling the workload of hosting a conference. In regions with few active members a conference planner may be considered although this will add to the overall expense.
  • Any factors that would make the location attractive to IAMSLIC members.

Schedule of Regions:

2015 – Euraslic region
2016 – Latin America region
2017 – Cyamus region
2018 – AFRIAMSLIC region
2019 – SAIL region
2020 – PIRG region
2021 – Euraslic region


Proposals to Host:

Hawaii proposal for 2017
Merida proposal for 2016

Rome proposal for 2015
New Caledonia proposal for 2014
Fort Lauderdale proposal for 2013
Anchorage proposal for 2012
Zanzibar proposal for 2011
Argentina proposal for 2010
Fiji proposal for 2008
Sarasota proposal for 2007

Sample Evaluation Form for Committee:

IAMSLIC Site Selection Evaluation Form (MS Word doc)