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Conference outings

UPDATED: 16 September 2009  [Belgian Coast Tour CANCELLED]

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Pre-conference 2-hour tour

Guided walking visit through Bruges – 2 hours

NEW  due to popular demand, an afternoon repeat of this tour is now available!  See below


Departs: Provinciaal Hof, Markt, Brugge

Ends: Provinciaal Hof, Markt, Brugge

Departs:  Provinciaal Hof, Markt, Brugge

Ends:  Provinciaal Hof, Markt, Brugge

Price: dependant on number of participants (estimated @ 3.00-10.00 EUR/person) (tip excl.)

50.00 EUR/guide + 5.00 EUR suppl. (max. 25 persons/guide)

Thursday, 1 October 2009

TWO Postconference half-day excursions

Excursion to Damme – 1/2 day excursion

Damme-Bruges by horse carriage and boat (min. 15 participants - max. 58 participants.  If more
participants register, the horse carriage ride will be replaced by a bus ride) 

Welcome of the participants by guide(s) at the Provincial Court
Transfer by horse carriage (13/20 persons/carriage) to the landing stage of the boat
'Lamme Goedzak' (located outside the city center)

Canal Bruges-Damme on the historic shipping channel the 'Damse Vaart'
(Duration: +/- 30 min.)
Upon arrival, a walking visit in the historical center of Damme
(city of Tijl Uilenspiegel and Jacob van Maerlandt) with English-speaking guide(s)
After the tour the participants will be offered a coffee and cake

Return by boat

Transfer landing stage to Bruges center by horse carriage
Short tour along the walls of Bruges, the mills, the crossbow guild.

End of tour on the market square

Rate per person: 65.00 EUR (incl VAT/tax but excl. tip)

Damme-Bruges bicycle ride (for the more sporty)

Bicycle ride to Damme with English speaking guide(s) + drink in local pub.

The excursion will be organized for 8 participants onwards. [This tour is a go — 12 people currently registered on August 24.]
If more than 20, Quasimundo should be informed 14 days beforehand in order to book enough guides.

The bike ride is 20-25km and includes some nice villages in the neighborhood. Click here for reactions on Quasimundo.

If it is very rainy and windy, Quasimundo will propose an alternative walking tour (This alternative has only been taken just once)

Rate per person: 22.00 EUR (incl VAT/tax but excl. tip)

TWO Postconference day-long excursions
Friday, 2 October 2009

The Belgian coast:  CANCELLED:  Minimum sign-up not met. (min. 20 participants)

MINIMUM CHANGED: Ghent and the Lys region

(min. 10 participants; sliding pricing scale) 

Welcome by our guide and transfer by coach to Ghent
Visit to the historical centre of Ghent, place of birth of Charles V.

We start our visit with the St. Bavo Cathedral and the famous painting ‘the Mystic Lamb’ of the brothers van Eyck. From the Saint Michael bridge, Ghent’s most impressive bridge, we have a beautiful view of the three towers (St. Nicholas’ church, the Belfry and St. Bavo Cathedral ) and the exquisite houses of the Graslei and the Korenlei. Along the Jan Breydelstraat we reach the Castle of the Count, a nearly intact medieval citadel from the 12th century (visit outside).
We continue our walking excursion in the romantic Patershol quarter and have a look at the inner courtyard of the Museum of Folklore.

Other places of interest which are visited in Ghent are: the Square Vrijdagmarkt with statue of Jacob van Artevelde, the gothic Town Hall, the Beguinage.

Lunch in a restaurant in the historical centre

Menu example (Salad with regional smoked ham (Ganda ham) and fresh fruits –
Beef stew prepared with beer – Coffee and local biscuits)

Embarkation for a boat trip on the arm of the Lys from Ghent centre to St. Martens-Latem (duration one way: 1,5 h). On arrival, we travel by coach to the Lys region and the art villages Deurle and Latem.

We will walk along the houses where famous artists such as Karel and Gustave Van de Woestijne, Constant Permeke, Gustaaf and Leon De Smet, George Minne, Paul Delvaux and many others used to work or live at the end of the 19th century, beginning of the 20th century. This period, known as ‘Latemse School’ dominated the Belgian artistic scene for two generations.

Before we return to Bruges we make a short stop at the Castle of Ooidonk (variable opening hours and data).

Overlooking one of the bends of the River Lys, it proves to be the focal point of the surrounding countryside which includes lush green meadows and centuries old oak trees that shelter a colony of celebrated herons. Dating back from the 14th century, its massive towers and walls bear witness to the past, ravaged by war yet withstanding the fire and destruction. Although modernized in the 19th century, it stands almost intact as it was in 1595. Several generations can be traced through its interior decoration, highlighted by its elegant white-stone staircase, its historical architecture, furniture and art collections.

Transfer back to Bruges
Return in Bruges around 18:00.

Rate per person: 120.00 EUR
(incl VAT/tax but excl. tip)

(rate valid as from minimum 20 participants onwards)