Joint IODE-IAMSLIC Activities

Joint IODE-IAMSLIC Group of Experts on Marine Information Management (GEMIM)

IAMSLIC members on Joint GEMIM:

  • Michelle Leonard (University of Florida, Marston Science Library, USA) – 4-year member
  • Heike Lust (VLIZ-Flanders Marine Institute, Belgium) – 4-year member
  • Joan Parker (Moss Landing Marine Laboratories/Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute Library, USA) – 4-year member
  • Gabriela Silvoni (INIDEP, Argentina) – 2-year member; will be replaced by Maria A. Ginori (Acuario Nacional de Cuba, Cuba) in 2015

For complete membership, please visit the IOC website.

IOC-IAMSLIC Memorandum of Agreement

The latest IOC-IAMSLIC MoA was reviewed by the Joint GEMIM and the IAMSLIC Executive Board and was signed December 19, 2013 (expires December 31, 2015).



  • OceanExpert – directory of marine and freshwater professionals
  • OceanTeacher – training resource for data and information management