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Click Programme-at-a-Glance October 2010
Click Programme Detailed October 2010 updated

Important Reminders – 17th Sunday
Registration will be open from 13:00 to 17:00 hrs.
Poster & Exhibits will be received and set up from 13:00 to 17:00 hrs
Bus to Reception Museo Del Mar will leave the Hotel Las Rocas at 18:00 hrs. If you are arriving later will have to go by themselves to the Museo del Mar which is 12 blocks from the Hotel.
Clothes: it is very informal; you do not need to bring high heels nor ties (unless you enjoy them).
Weather Forecast: check internet, it will be the starting of spring in the southern hemisphere at a coastal city….38º SOUTH LAT.

Recomendaciones importantes – Domingo 17
Incropciones: estarán abiertas desde las 13:00 hasta las 17:00
Posters & Exhibidores serán recibidos y/o colgados el Domingo de 13:00 a 17:00 hrs.
Bus para ir a la recepcion Museo del Mar: sale del Hotel Las Rocas 18:00 hrs.
Los que Illeguen mas tarde deberán inscribirse el lunes a la mañana 8:30 AM y deberán ir por su cuenta a la Recepción (está a sólo 12 cuadras del Hotel Las Rocas)
Ropa: todo es muy informal, IAMSLIC es muy informal, no tienen que traer ni tacos altos ni corbatas (a no ser que lo disfruten).
Pronostico: chequear internet, será el inicio de una primavera del hemisferio sur en una ciudad costera…38º LAT.SUR

Rut Akselman-Cardella  Marine Diatoms of Argentina: Textile Art
Dr. Martin Ehrlich. Review of more than 200 years of marine research in Argentina.

PAPER PRESENTATIONS – Presentations – 20 min + 10 min for questions = 30 minutes.
1. Visibility and Access through the Aquatic Commons. Helen Wibley, Italy, Jose Luis Garnica Carreno, Columbia and Armand Gribling, Italy
2. Evaluating surveys as assessment tools: theory, methods, and mechanics of online surveys. Jan E. Heckman and Mary Heckman, USA
3. Green Flash. Moderator: Lenora A. Oftedahl, USA
4. Compilation and evolution of the bibliographic database aggregations FFAB (Fish, Fisheries and Aquatic Biodiversity Worldwide) and WOW (Waters and Oceans Worldwide): a quarter century of international collaboration. Margaret Crampton & Tara Booth,S. Africa
5. The importance of collaboration in crafting new roles for libraries. Maria C. Ramirez, German Ramirez, Mexico
6. Restructuring a Mentoring Program. Jean Crampon, USA
7. Ownership Versus Access: Can Your Library Still Afford The Core Marine Science Journals? Barb Butler and Janet Webster, USA
9. ABCD vs. Koha: open source library options. Bojan Macan, Croatia and Gladys Fernández, Argentina
10. Managing Information: Evaluating and selecting citation management software, a look at EndNote, RefWorks, Mendeley and Zotero. Amy Butros, USA and Sally Taylor, Canada
11. Libraries and Data Management: a Survey of Current Practices and Future Trends. Joan Parker and Lisa Raymond, USA
12. Providing access to a hidden resource: the National Marine Mammal Laboratory Fur Seal Archive. Sonja Kromann, USA
13. Designing Library Web Services for Mobile Devices. Steven G. Watkins, USA
14. Casting a Fresh Net:  IAMSLIC New Web Environment. S.G. Watkins, USA
15. Thinking in different strategies in attending ichthyology users demands at the Instituto de Ictiología del Nordeste (INICNE) Library, Corrientes, Argentina. Lucrecia Viviana Felquer amd Romina Medina, Argentina
16. ICT at CICIMAR-IPN New Model for Education: A Case Study of the Claroline System. Teresa de J. Barriga Ramirez, Mexico
17. Savvy Marine Biology Researchers from the ground: ACRL IL Standards! Valeria E. Molteni, USA
18. Open access publishing and Peer reviews. Marie Pascale Baligand, Amanda Regolini, Anne Laure Achard, Emmanuelle Jannes Ober, France
19. Are South American Libraries accessing to core marine science journals from commercial publishers? Guillermina Cosulich, Argentina

POSTER PRESENTATIONS – Posters to be 90 cm x 1.20 cm.
Set-up starts on Sunday 14:00 Gabriela  Posters available for viewing Monday 18th – Wednesday 20th October 2010
1. Digital Pictures Archive. Aida Sogaray, Uruguay
2. BERTA: a conversion to a friendly species catalogue. Gabriela Silvoni and G.  Fernandez, G.V., Argentina
3. Analysis of the Mexican Scientific Production in Marine Science 1994-2005. Irene Beltran, Mexico
4. OCEANDOCs – an update on usability. James Macharia
5. Bibliometric analysis of the scientific production of women researchers of CICESE, in the area of marine sciences. Lil Bidart, Guadalupe Morales, and Elizabeth Aviles, Mexico
6. Latin American Regional Group, its beginning, advances and results updated. Maria C. Ramirez, Mexico
7. Three decades of research at the National Institute for Fisheries Research and Development (INIDEP), Mar del Plata, Argentina: a bibliometric analysis. Nancy Lenzo, Argentina
8. Link to Biodiversity in the Americas. Yolanda Irene Lopez Franco, Panama
9. The e-repository OceanDocs: new proposal of working organization at the Fisheries Research Centre for a better contribution to access Cuban scientific publications. Enma L. Fonseca Arcaya, Cuba
10. Alphabetical Information Program for Library users in Investigation Centers of IPN: A case from CICIMAR and CIIDIR-Unit Sinaloa. Teresa de J. Barriga Ramirez
11.FISHNET: Freshwater Information Sharing Network, a new approach to sharing aquatic data. Hardy Schwamm, United Kingdom