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Conference committees

OVERALL Joint IAMSLIC/EURASLIC 2009 Conference committee

Members on main conference committee:

Ruth Gustafson (IAMSLIC President-elect & 2009 joint conference convener)
Barbara Schmidt (EURASLIC President & EURASLIC conference chair)
Marian Jiagge (AFRIAMSLIC rep)
Guillermina Cosulich (Upcoming 2010 host & Grupo Regional Latinoamericano rep)
Peter Pissiersens (advisory for local host)
Bart Goossens (EURASLIC rep)
Sue Stover (past IAMSLIC 2007 host & past IAMSLIC treasurer)
Marcia Croy Vanwely (IAMSLIC Junior President-Elect & CYAMUS rep)
Jen Walton (SAIL rep)
Megan Gee (Pacific Islands rep)

Program planning/Scheduling subcommittee
  Ruth Gustafson & Barbara Schmidt, co-chairs
Members: All main committee Regional group reps, 
Kristin de Lichtervelde & Ingrid Dobbelaere (days @ host institutions), 
Additional EURASLIC conference committee members 
(Jadranka Stojanovski, Maggie Popow, Sofija Konjevic etc.)

Grant Review subcommittee
  Ruth Gustafson, chair
Members:  All main committee members, Liz Winiarz

Host/Local arrangements subcommittee
  Kristin de Lichtervelde (IOC) & Ingrid Dobbelaere (VLIZ), co-chairs
Members: Ruth Gustafson, Barbara Schmidt, Bart Goossens, 
Sue Stover (past host in 2007 for Sarasota conference), 
Guillermina Cosulich (future host in 2010 in Mar del Plata, Argentina), 
Peter Pissierssens (advisory), 
Marcia Croy Vanwely (IAMSLIC Junior President-Elect) 

Sponsoring/Fund raising/Vendor relations subcommittee
  Liz Winiarz, chair
Members: Ruth Gustafson, Barbara Schmidt, Marcia Croy Vanwely, 
Kristin de Lichtervelde, Ingrid Dobbelaere, Peter Pissiersens, 
Euraslic members, Lenora Oftedahl, others?

Budget/Banking/Registration subcommittee
  Sue Stover, chair
Members: Ruth Gustafson, Malgorzata (Maggie) Popow, 
Ingrid Dobbelaere, Eleanor Uhlinger (advisory for RegOnline), others?

Web/Communication/Publication subcommittee
  Megan Gee, chair
Members: All subcommittee chairs and co-chairs, 
Lenora Oftedahl (blogging/twittering), Dorothy Barr
(conference proceedings), others?