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Page updated: 24 September 2009, 17:35 Brugge, Belgium time

Draft Attendee list (79 Confirmed)

Abbott-Stout, Sandra  Unity College
Achard, Anne Laure  CEMAGREF
Akimova, Olga  Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas
Avery, Beth  University of North Texas
Avery, Mike  (Guest)
Bacheva, Snejina  Institute of Oceanology
Baligand, Marie Pascale  Cemagref
Baltzinger, Elisabeth  Musee oceanographique
Barr, Dorothy  Harvard University
Belpaire,Claude Research Institute for Nature and Forest (Monday Speaker)
Bensen, Bruce  (Guest)
Brannemann, Marcel  Alfred Wegener Inst for Polar and Marine Research
Brosens, Dimitri  Research Institute for Nature and Forest
Butros, Amy  University of California, San Diego
Chang-Yau, Vielka  Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Chisala, Chilekwa  Flanders Marine Institute, VLIZ
Conaghan, Beth Ann  (Guest)
Connor, Elizabeth  The Citadel
Cosulich, Guillermina  INIDEP (Future Host)
Cousins, Jill  Europeana (Tuesday Keynote Speaker)
Crampon, Jean  University of Southern California
Crampon, William  (Guest)
Croy-Vanwely, Marcia  Fisheries & Oceans Canada
De Lichtervelde, Kristin  UNESCO/IOC project Office for IODE (Host)
Dima, Nicoletta  (Guest)
Dimas, Ioannis  (Guest)
Dobbelaere, Ingrid  Flanders Marine Institute, VLIZ (Host)
Fonseca, Enma Luisa Arcaya  Research Centre of Fisheries
Gardner, Sue Ann  University of Nebraska
Goossens, Bart  Research Institute for Nature and Forest Member
Grabowska-Popow, (Margaret) Sea Fisheries Institute in Gdynia
Gribling, Armand  Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN
Gustafson, Ruth  University of California Davis
Hanna, Roger  (Guest)
Haspeslagh, Jan  Ghent University
Heil, Kathy  Chesapeake Biological Lab
Inyaeva, Irina  Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries & Oceanography
Kasimatis, Mark  (Guest)
Keita, Arame  Oceanographie et des Peches Maritimes (DOPM) [In progress]
Konjevic, Sofija  Rudjer Boskovic Institute
Kromann, Sonja  NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service
Lust, Heike Flanders  Marine Institute, VLIZ
Massonneau, Agnes  UMR EPOC
Mayer, Marina  Rudjer Boskovic Institute
Meeder, Anneli  NHBS Ltd
Merceur, Fred  Ifremer
Mykhalechko, Olena  Odessa Branch Institute of Biology of Southern Seas
Nieuwenhuysen, Paul  Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Norton, Cathy  MBL WHOI Library
Nyika, Edna  Institute of Marine Sciences, University of Dar es Salaam
Oftedahl, Lenora  Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
Oftedahl, Lily (Guest)
Panagi, Sophie  ProQuest (Sponsor)
Pauwels, Benoit  Universite Libre de Bruxelles
Peck, Louise  ProQuest (Sponsor)
Peimer, Elizabeth Ann  Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Division Newport RI
Peimer, Elly  (Guest)
Penman, Tracie  GD-AIS
Pepe, Richard  Food and Agriculture Organization of UN
Pikula, Linda  NOAA Central Library
Raymond, Lisa  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Reverte, Carmen  IRTA (Inst for Food & Ag Research and Technology)
Richards, Ruth  (Guest)
Rinaldo, Constance  MCZ/Harvard University
Sawchuk, Gerald  ProQuest (Sponsor)
Schmidt, Barbara  IFM-GEOMAR Library
Stewart, Ian  Inter-Research Science Center (Exhibitor)
Stover, Susan  Mote Marine Laboratory
Taylor, Sally  University of British Columbia
Van Godtsenhoven, Karen  Ghent University  — DRIVER Project
Vanwely, Lex  (Guest)
Verberne, Luce (Guest)
Walton, Jennifer  MBL WHOI Library
Watkins, Steven  CSU Monterey Bay Library
Watts, Margaret  UNEP. Mediterranean Action Plan
Webster, Janet  Oregon State University
Wible, Joe  Hopkins Marine Station
Wiest, Natalie Texas A&M University at Galveston
Winiarz, Elizabeth  UMass Dartmouth