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How to get there

Bruges is easily accessible whatever transport mode is chosen. Click here to view the various possibilities.

VISA information: Please check the following EUROPA (the European Union portal) link for VISA information.  From this webpage: For non-EU citizens: “There are 28 countries whose nationals do not need a visa to visit the EU for three months or less. These include Australia, Canada, Croatia, Japan, New Zealand and the United States.”

Arrival by plane
Please check your air ticket carefully and verify where your travel to Belgium terminates:
For those arriving at Brussels Airport (BRU in the air ticket) to reach Brugge you will have to take the train as follows:
Arrival is on the second floor of the airport (LEVEL 2). The train terminal is on LEVEL -1. Please take the lift or elevator to level -1 for the train. Buy a ticket to Brugge (it will cost about 15.00 EUR). If at the time of your arrival the ticket office is closed you can buy a ticket from the conductor in the train.
You will take a first train to Brussel Zuid (Bruxelles Midi), where you will have to change to another train for Brugge. There are frequent trains from the airport to Brussel Zuid (Bruxelles Midi) – about every quarter of an hour.

Departure times for the Brugge train from Brussels Zuid (Bruxelles Midi) is usually twice per hour. Consult the monitors at the station.
Brugge is an important stop and almost all trains have a rather long stop-over in Brugge. All trains have indication panels inside every wagon and stops will be announced on these panels as well as through the loudspeaker system. As an indication, for most trains the stop before Brugge is Gent (Ghent). Once the train leaves that station you will have approximately 25 min before arriving in Brugge. Be aware, P-trains tend to stop more frequently.
More information on trains can be found via

Arrival by train
For those arriving at Bruxelles Midi (Brussel Zuid) Station you can take a train directly to Brugge (cost about 15.00 EUR). The train times are usually once per hour. It is the same train that persons arriving from the airport shall take.

NOTE THAT YOU WILL TRAVEL FROM PARIS AIRPORT ( TO BRUSSELS MIDI BY THE HIGH SPEED TRAIN  THALYS (the train station, wherefrom this Thalys high-speed will leave, is located in Terminal 2 of the Charles de Gaulle airport).

Provinciaal Hof – Provincial Court
Markt 3, 8000 Bruges, Belgium

Click here for an overall view of the market square where the Provincial Court is situated. The majority of Bruges’ sights are concentrated on the Market Square, otherwise known as the Markt, and the nearby Burg, another central city square. Apart from its abundant restaurants and cafes, the Market is surrounded by stunning examples of ancient architecture including the Provincial Court, the Market Halls and the Belfry.

The Provinciaal Hof is an imposing neo-Gothic building dating from the 19th century and currently housing the headquarters of the West Flanders government. The Market Halls formed the commercial centre of the city between the 13th and 16th centuries, and are now used as an exhibition centre by regional art dealers.

The Belfry is the square’s primary attraction, standing 84m high and affording magnificent vistas over the city for those with the energy to climb its 366 steps. The lower half of the bell tower was constructed in the 13th century, with the turrets and the octagonal upper section added in the 14th and 15th centuries respectively. The Belfry contains a total of 47 bells, which ring out periodically over the city.

Click here for a situation map.