NEW Information – Airport Transfers and Sunday tour

Airport Transfers

Airport transfers to and from Noumea has been arranged for everyone who has sent details of their arrival and departure. The shuttle bus is called Les Mouettes. The drivers wear yellow shirts; you’ll find them with a placard that has your name on it as asoon as you exit the building. 

They know where to drop everyone. In case you run into trouble call Mary-Clare on:

Office:  +687 260137; Home: +687 276353: Mobile: +687 999252

 Sunday 14th September:  Guided Tour – Tjibaou Cultural Centre – Pick up

Please make your way to SPC on Sunday morning; everyone will be picked up at 9:30 am at SPC. After the tour, pick up from the cultural center will be at 11:30 and  we will be dropped off at SPC at 12:00.

All hotels are within walking distance to SPC.

Location of Hotels in relation to SPC








Voltage: 220 v

Power Plugs – see below

plug type cplug type eplug type ef

Weather and packing

New Caledonia is in the tail end of our “winter” season. The weather is still a little chilly (for us) and rainy at times. Temperatures range from 18 to 26 degress celcius. You may want to pack a light jacket and/or a light wet suit if you intend to spend time in the sea. However, what’s considered cold for us may not be so for you 🙂

Mobile Phones:

You may need to buy a local SIM card in Noumea. A card costs XPF6000 (approximately USD65.00)