How to get there

Return airfares from:

Please note that these figures are accurate at time of search but can change in a matter of seconds as demands for a particular flight increases or decreases.

1. Europe:

  • Paris – Roma, Amsterdam or Helsinki – Tokyo or Osaka – Tontouta (Noumea): 1500 Euro

2. USA

  • Los Angeles to Sydney : USD1414.00
  • Los Angeles to Auckland : USD1342.00
  • Los Angeles to Nadi (Fiji): USD1451.00

3. Oceania (Through Aircalin): Note that there are only 2 direct flights to Noumea from Fiji;  on Saturdays and Mondays and that there is only 1 direct  flight out of Noumea to Fiji on Saturdays.

  • Sydney (Australia) – Noumea: from AUD689.00
  • Brisbane (Australia) – Noumea: from AUD648.00
  • Auckland (New zealand) – Noumea: NZ750.00
  • Nadi (Fiji) – Noumea: From AUD581.00

To help book your travel, check out:

To further  help with your travel plans and bookings please  check out the airline schedule of flights into and out of Noumea below:

Airline Flight Schedule for Noumea June – August 2014

From Tontouta International Airport to Noumea:

All international flights arrive at Tontouta International Airport which is situated approximately 50kms north of Noumea. It takes approximately 45  minutes for the trip from the airport to Noumea by road. Taxis and shuttles are available at the airport. Airport transfer costs are approximately USD30.00.

Google map - tontouta to Noumea

See google map at:


Airport transfers to and from Noumea:

Airport transfer costs are included in the registration fee. SPC will arrange for you to be picked up at the Tontouta International airport and dropped off at your hotel in Noumea; arrangements will also be made for your return trip to Tontouta on the day of your departure. It is therefore important for all participants to forward  2 weeks in advance of your arrival, the following details to  Mary-Clare Ame Local Host and PIRG Coordinator at email:

  • Name as on passport
  • Inbound flight details (Flight name, number, arrival date and time)
  • Outbound flight details (Flight name, number, date and time for departure)
  • Name of your hotel in Noumea


From the hotels to SPC:

The conference facility is located at: 95 Promenade Roger Laroque, Anse Vata. All hotels are within walking distance.

Location of Hotels in relation to SPC