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Here is a brief outline of the program for our conference

Sunday, September 14
0900-1300  Pre-Conference Tour  Colo-I-Suva Foest Park – Bus leaves Holiday Inn at 0900
1300-         Registration Desk Open (Holiday Inn, Suva)
1300-         Executive Board Meeting  (USP – Main Library Conference Room)
1800-2000  Welcome Reception  (Holiday Inn, Suva)

Monday, September 15 USP Campus
0815-0900  Coffee, tea, light refreshments
0830-0900 Speaker set-up
Morning Theme:  Global Climate Change

0900-1030  Opening Ceremony:  order of presentation:
1.  Arrival of Chief’s party
2.  The Solomon Islands pan pipers preceding the party, IAMSLIC President, escorted by VC and followed by IAMSLIC Convener and IAMSLIC/PIMRISS LOC Coordinator
3.  Pacific welcome, garland to IAMSLIC President by PIMRIS LA
4.  The Sevusevu Traditional Fijian Ceremony of Welcome
5.  USP VC Welcome Address
6.  IAMSLIC President Welcome remarks
7.  Cook Island tamure dancers escort the Sevusevu traditional presenters team fropm the stage
8.  IAMSLIC/PIMRIS LOC Coordinator introduces the keynote speaker, Professor Patrick Nunn
“Climate Change: a janus-faced challenge for our times”
9.  IAMSLIC Convener thanks the speaker, announces the end of the official opening and invites all to move to morning break

1030-1100  Break
1100-1200  First IAMSLIC Business Meeting
1200-1300  Lunch
1300-1320  CommFish: All about Alaska’s commercial fisheries, Daria O. Carle
1320-1340  Transforming Moana, converting to Greenstone, Chris Hammond Thrasher
1340-1400  Secretariat of the Pacific Community Fisheries Digital Library, Jean-Paul Gaudechoux
1400-1430  Mould in the library and what to do about it.  Peter Kemp, Mycologia Australia
1430-1500  Break and walk to the PIMRIS Library
1515-1630  Visit the PIMRIS Library on the USP campus
1800-         Dinner on your own or join us for a buffet at Alliance Francaise, Suva
2000-         Movie Night: An Inconvenient Truth  hosted at Alliance Francaise, Suva

Tuesday, September 16  (USP Campus)
0815-0900  Coffee, tea and light refreshments available
0830-0900  Speaker set-up
0900-0905  Announcements
Morning theme:  Focus on the Pacific
0905-1000  Sinking Island Arks: The need to protect island biodiversity for sustainable island life. Prof. Randy Thaman, USP
1000-1015  Pacific Islands Climate Change Portal, Mary Lou Cumberpatch presented by Peter Murgatroyd
1015-1030  Break
1030-1200  Access to Pacific marine information for the Pacific Islands Countries and Territories Maria Kelenchits, Dorene  Naidu, Peter Murgatroyd, Eddie Marahare, Eleanor Kleiber, Anne Gibert, Jean-Paul Gaudechoux
1200-1300  Lunch
Afternoon theme Virtual World delivery of services and materials
1300-1430  Session on the Virtual World
1300-1320  Coming full circle: changes in scholarly communication and the role of liaison librarians, Sally Taylor
1320-1340  Infinite possibilites for learning in a virtual world: Second Life, Peter Fritzler and Anne Pemberton
1340-1400  BioDiversity Heritage Library supporting Encyclopedia of Life Cathy Norton, MBL/WHOI
1400-1420  Internet Tools and Toys Dorothy Barr, Harvard University, Ernst Mayr Library
1430-1515  Vendor updates: Elsevier, ProQuest
1515 -1630 Move to USP Central Library reception, tour
1700-1800  Executive Board Meeting
1845-         PIRG Dinner and Business Meeting
All others dinner on your own

Wednesday, September 17 (USP Campus)
0815-0900  Coffee, tea and light refreshments available
0830-0900  Speaker set-up
0900-0905  Announcements
Morning theme  Keeping Track of our Heritage
0905-0945  State of the Nation’s Marine Protected Areas Dr. Rikki Dunsmore, Institute of Applied Sciences, USP
0945-1000 MagicJack, Joe Wible, Hopkins Marine Station
1000-1015  Story Place, Suzie Davies
1015-1030  Women in Fisheries in Africa, Edna Nyika
1030-1045  Break
1045-1200  ReefBase Pacific Information Portal: Livelihoods, Fisheries and Biodiversity, Pip Cohen and Asenaca Valemei
1200-1300  Lunch
1300-1330  Information Commons: an overview, Elizabeth Winiarz
1330-1400  Learning Commons Planning: One size does not fit all, Jan Heckman and Mary Heckman
1400-1500 The Aquatic Commons and OceanDocs Suzie Davies and Steve Watkins
1500-1530  Break and Group Photo and last chance to bid on the Guin auction items
1530-1630  IAMSLIC/IOC MOU Memorandum of Understanding, a Brainstorming session with Barb Butler and Suzie Davies
1800-         Banquet

Thursday, September 18 (USP Campus)
0815-0900  Coffee, tea and light refreshments available
0830-0900  Speaker Set-up
0900-0905  Announcements

0900-1030  What does it mean to be an ASFA Partner/input center? panel moderated by Richard Pepe
1030-1100  Break
1100-1200  Second IAMSLIC Business Meeting
1200-1215  Presentation on 2009 conference in Belgium
1215 –        Box Lunches and Conference Field Trip to Monfort Boys Town, Pacific Harbour Arts Village (Shopping Centre) and Uprising Resort.

Friday, September 19 Field Trips

Choice of 2 Post-Conference Field Trips
1.  Beka Island  Lawaki Resort
2.  Navua River Eco Adventure