27th Annual IAMSLIC Conference & 9th EURASLIC Conference

Program (as of 29 August 01 in PDF)
Program (Draft: 30 August 01)

Sunday, 14 October

09:00-13:00 [9:00-1:00]
Room 1 Committee & Task Force Meetings
(as needed)
Foyer Exhibitors set up
13:00-16:30 [1:00-4:30]
Room 1 IAMSLIC Executive Board Meeting
Foyer Exhibitors set up
16:30-19:00 [4:30-7:00]
Room 1 EURASLIC Executive Board Meeting
Foyer Exhibitors set up
17:00-19:00 [5:00-7:00]
Foyer Registration & Information
18:30-20:30 [6:30-8:30]

Welcome to Brest Reception
* Sponsored by Elsevier Science
Evening Dinner on your own
19:00-22:00 [7:00-10:00]
Room 1 Committee & Task Force Meetings
(as needed)
Monday, 15 October

Room 1

Committee & Task Force Meetings
  (as needed)

Meridienne Room Guin Auction setup (Give items to Eleanor Uhlinger or Jackie Riley)
Committee & Task Force Meetings
(as needed)
Foyer Registration, Information & Exhibits (All Day)
Set up Posters anytime
Meridienne Room Announcements & Welcome
Linda PIKULA, IAMSLIC President
& Member, Joint Conference Organising Committee

Susan BERTAUX, IAMSLIC President-elect
& Chair, Joint Conference Organising Committee

Marthe MELGUEN, IFREMER Host Representative
& Member, Joint Conference Organising Committee
Meridienne Room

Managing Resources in a Sea of Change
John AKEROYD, Head of Learning and Information Services
& Director, Library Information Technology Center,
South Bank University, London

Introduced by IAMSLIC President, Linda Pikula
10:00-10:15 Questions
Foyer Break
Registration, Exhibits, Guin Auction
Room 1

Panel Discussion:
Librarians without Walls:
Institutional Leadership Roles & Opportunities

Steven G. WATKINS, Moderator.
California State Univ., Monterey Bay Library, Seaside California, USA

TBA, Panel Members
Meridienne Room Session 1:
Managing Information in a Sea of Change
TBA, Chair

What Tools for Scientific Current Awareness in Cemagref?
Marie-Pascale BALIGAND, A. Dao, C. Gainsily, A. Regolini
& O. Hologne, Cemagref, France

IMIS (Integrated Marine Information System):
a Tool for Integrated Resource Sharing

Jan HASPESLAGH, & W. Vanden Berghe,
Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ),Oostende, Belgium

Croation Scientific Bibliography (Crosbi):
a Three Year Experience

Jadranka STOJANOVSKI, Rudjer Boskovic Institute,
Zagreb, Croatia

12:00-13:30 [12:00-1:30]
Dining Room D Lunch
Foyer Exhibits & Guin Auction
13:30-15:00 [1:30-3:00]
Room 1

Part 1:
Country & Institution Reports
TBA, Chair

10 minute presentations on current state of aquatic information.
Discussion and questions to follow at the end of each.
See the Proforma Guide (PDF)
Meridienne Room Session 2:
Digital Library Projects
TBA, Chair

Eurydice: Experimental Platform Integrating Network Distribution
of Searching Documents Functions, Online Consultation
of Documents and Control of the Operations (access, printing)

Joanna JANIK, Informatique et Mathématiques Appliquées
de Grenoble (IMAG), Grenoble, France

Linking Florida's Natural Heritage:
Crossing Informational Boundaries

Stephanie HAAS, Digital Library Center,
University of Florida, Gainsville, Florida, USA

Library participation in Long-Term Monitoring Programs
Moss Landing, California, USA
15:00-15:30 [3:00-3:30]
Foyer Break
Exhibits & Guin Auction
15:30-16:30 [3:30-4:30]
Room 1 Discussion:
Environmental Librarians Group
Finnish Environment Institute, Helsinki, Finland

Meridienne Room Session 3:
Electronic Journals Management
TBA, Chair

E-Journals in France: Services in Libraries and
Overview of E-Publishing Projects

Ghislaine CHARTRON, Maître de Conférences,
URFIST- Paris, France

Optimizing Journals' Access for University
Aquatic & Marine Science Personnel

James ANDERSON, University of Alaska,
BioSciences Library, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

16:30-17:00 [4:30-5:00]
Room 1 Committee & Task Force Meetings
(as needed)

Meridienne Room IAMSLIC President's Report
17:00-18:00 [5:00-6:00]
Room 1 Committee & Task Force Meetings
(as needed)

Meridienne Room
IAMSLIC Business Meeting

Evening Dinner on your own
18:00-19:00 [6:00-7:00]
Conference Rooms

Committee, Regional &
Task Force Meetings or Small Group Discussions

(as needed)
Tuesday, 16 October

Conference Rooms Committee & Task Force Meetings
(as needed)
Foyer Set up Posters by 13:00 [1:00]
Registration & Exhibits
Meridienne Room Announcements
Guin Auction (Give items to Eleanor Uhlinger or Jackie Riley
Meridienne Room Keynote:
Development of Copyright
Within the European Union

Harald HIELMCRONE, Head of Research &
Special Collections, State and University Library of Aarthus, Denmark.
Danish Representative in the EBLIBA Expert Group on copyright issues

Introduced by EURASLIC President, Joan Baron Varley
09:45-10:00 Questions
Foyer Break
Registration, Exhibits, Posters & Guin Auction
Room 1 Part 2:
Country & Institution Reports
TBA, Chair

Meridienne Room Session 4:
Copyright and Scholarly Publishing
TBA, Chair

Publishing, Editing, Access:
Which Business Model for Mediators?

Jean-Michel SALAÜN, Professor, GRESI/ISDN,ENSSIB
Villeurbanne, France

Scholarly Communication in the Marine
and Aquatic Sciences

Barbara BUTLER, Oregon Institute of Marine Biology,
University of Oregon, Charleston and Janet Webster,
Hatfield Marine Science Center, Oregon, USA

Elsevier's Web-based Products
That Serve the Oceanography Community:
OceansDirect, OceanBase, and ScienceDirect

Kristien van LUNEN, Elsevier Science,
Ocean Sciences, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
12:00-13:30 [12:00-1:30]
Dining Room D Lunch
Foyer Exhibits, Posters & Guin Auction
13:30-15:00 [1:30-3:00]
Meridienne Room Session 5:
Virtual Posters
TBA, Chair

(1) oneFish - One Year On...
Joan BARON VARLEY, oneFish Community Directory
Project, Support Unit for International Fisheries
and Aquatic Research (SIFAR) c/o Rome, Italy

(2) Directory of Fisheries and Aquaculture
Information Resources in Africa
Jean COLLINS, FAO of the United Nations,
Rome, Italy

(3) Databases as Tools of Support to Research
Programs of the Center of Scientific Research
of Conakry-Rogbane (CERESCOR)

Aissata CONDE, Centre de Recherche Scientifique
de Conakry Rogbanc, Republic de Guinee

(4) Place de la Documentation Oceanographique
dans un Institut de Recherche Agricole Suite
a un Restructuration

Anis DIALLO, Centre de Recherches Océanographiques
de Dakar-Thiaroye (CRODT), Dakar, Sénégal

(5) From RFP to Finished Product:
IAMSLIC's Outsourcing of Website Redesign

Ruth GUSTAFSON, Bodega Marine Laboratory,
University of California, Davis, Bodega Bay, California, USA

(6) Legal Framework of the Management of
Coastal Resources in Vietnam

Nguyen Thu HA, The Committee on Frontier of the
Government of Vietnam, Hanoi, Vietnam

(7) Marine Science E-Books -- Are They Here Yet?
Mary HECKMAN (SHONTELL), University of Connecticut,
Babbidge Library, Storrs, Connecticut, USA

(8) The Management of Information on Fisheries
in Guinea: From Systemic Approach to the
Integration of Information Technologies

KABA Fodé Karim, National Center of the
Fisheries Sciences of Boussoura (CNSHB),
Conakry, Guinea (West Africa)

(9) Statistical Analysis of Aquaculture Citations
in the Regional Bibliographic Database of the
Sahelian Documentation Network Systen (RESADOC)

Diarra Mamadou LAMINE, Institut du Sahel, Bamako, Mali

(10) Research Activity in Marine Fisheries and
Aquaculture: a Bibliometric Analysis

Michelle L'EXCELLENT, IFREMER, Nantes, France

(11) The Situation of Provision in Water to the Comoros
Bacar MADI, National Library, National Center for
Documentation and Scientific Search (CNDRS),
Moroni Comores, Comoros Islands

(12) New Technologies
Bakari A. MAIGE, Fisheries Division, The United Republic of
Tanzania - Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

(13) The Gambia Fisheries Department Library
and Records Management System

Basiru NJAI, Fisheries Department, Banjul,
Republic of the Gambia

(14) Fisheries Research and Publishing
Trends in Tanzania: 1940s to Date

Edna A. NYIKA, University of Dar Es Salaam,
Institute of Marine Sciences, Zanzibar, Tanzania

(15) Marine Data Sampler
Tracie PENMAN, Veridian, Chantilly, Virginia, USA

(16) Freshwater Life
Ian PETTMAN, Pettman & Associates,
Allithwaite, Grange-Over-Sands, Cumbria UK

(17) L'aquiculture à Madagascar, Historique,
Enjeux et Perspectives d'Avenir = Aquaculture in
Madagascar: History, Stakes and Future Prospects

Claudine RAMAHERINTSOA, Ministè de la Pêche et
des Resouces Halieutiques, Antananarivo, Madagascar

(18) Effective Information Dissemination on Floating
Net Cage Culture - Based on Reservoir Fisheries
Mangement: SEAMEO BIOTROP Experiences

Bogor, Indonesia

(19) Digital Thesaurus: Metadata Resources
for Marine Biology

Enriques WULFF-BARREIRO, Marine Sciences Institute
of Andalusia, Spanish Council for Scientific Research,
ICMAN (CSIC), Puerto Real (Cádiz), Spain

15:00-16:00 [3:00-4:00]
Foyer Break
Exhibits, Posters & Guin Auction
15:30-19:00 [3:30-7:00]
Room 1

Part 3:
Country & Institution Reports

African Libraries
16:00-16:30 [4:00-4:30]
Meridienne Room EURASLIC President's Report
16:30-18:00 [4:30-6:00]
Meridienne Room EURASLIC Business Meeting
Evening Dinner on your own
18:00-19:00 [6:00-7:00]
Meridienne Room Committee, Regional Group, Task Force Meetings,
or Small Group Discussions

(as needed)
Wednesday, 17 October
NOTE: If you want to keep poster materials, remove them by 19:00 [7:00]. Le Quartz will discard posters left behind

Room 1 Set up Workshop
Conference Rooms Committee, Regional Group
& Task Force Meetings

(as needed)
Foyer Registration, Exhibits, Posters & Guin Auction
Meridienne Room Announcements
Room 1 Workshop:
Presentations Live and Through the WWW
Paul NIEUWENHUYSEN, Coordinator,
Vrije Universitet, Brussels, Belgium

Meridienne Room Session 6:
Access to Information
TBA, Chair

Is it the Global Net?
Beth AVERY, Library Director, Western State College,
Gunnison, Colorado, USA
Martha Pretorius, Water Research Commission,
Pretoria, South Africa

The Status of Aquatic Information
in Southern Africa

Martha PRETORIOUS, Water Research Commission,
Pretoria, South Africa
Edna Nyika, Univiversity of Dar es Salaam,
Institute of Marine Sciences, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Document Delivery in Africa:
The Present Situation Under Odinafrica
Information Service Centre

Isedorius Ochola AGOLA, ODINAFRICA
Information Service Centre, Mombasa, Kenya
Registration, Exhibits, Posters & Guin Auction
Room 1 Workshop (continued)
Meridienne Room Session 7:
Document Delivery and Resource Sharing
TBA, Chair

Avanti: Implementing a Web-based
"Articles-on-Demand" Service

Susan BERTEAUX, Scripps Institution of
Oceanography Library, University of California, San Diego, California, USA

Digital Document Delivery and Interlibrary Lending
to Distant Research Station Branches

Michael J. GOMEZ, Stiftung Alfred-Wegener-Institut
für Polar-u., Meeresforschung, Bremerhaven, Germany

Implementing Electronic Document Delivery Using
Prospero: Case Study at the University of Connecticutt

Jan E. HECKMAN, University of Connecticut,
Groton, Connecticut, USA
Meridienne Room Guin Auction closes
12:00-13:30 [12:00-1:30]
Dining Room D Lunch
Foyer Registration, Exhibits & Posters
13:30-15:00 [1:30-3:00]
Room 1

Mediterranean Special Interest Group
Jean COLLINS, FAO Fisheries Library, Chair

Meridienne Room Session 8:
Internet Systems and Tools
TBA, Chair

Developments in IOC
Peter PISSIERSSENS, Intergovernmental Oceanographic
Commission (IOC), Paris, France

Technological Undercurrents and Global
Information Circulation

Ian PETTMAN, Pettman & Associates
Allithwaite, Cumbria, UK

Sorting Out Search Engines in 2001

Kristen L. METZGER, Library and Information Center,
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, Inc.,
Fort Pierce, Florida, USA
15:00-15:30 [3:00-3:30]
Meridienne Room Break
Foyer Last chance to visit Posters & Exhibits
15:30-16:15 [3:30-4:15]
Room 1 Disscussion:
Eastern European Regional Review
Ian PETTMAN, EURASLIC Secretary, Chair

Meridienne Room Session 9:
Document Imaging
TBA, Chair

Managing Your Document Imaging Project
Eleanor S. UHLINGER, MBL/WHOI Library,
Marine Biological Laboratory,
Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA

Building an Image Database Using Content
Louise M. RICHARDS, Fisheries-Oceanography Library,
University of Washington, Seattle, USA

16:15-17:00 [4:15-5:00]
Room 1 EURASLIC Executive Board Meeting
Meridienne Room IAMSLIC Business Meeting
2002 Conference: Mazatlan, Mexico
Clara RAMAIREZ JAUREGUI, Unidad Academica Mazatlan
del Instituto de Ciencias del Mar y Limnologia,
Mazatlan, Mexico
Foyer Exhibits & Posters removed
by 19:00 [7:00]
17:00-18:00 [5:00-6:00]
Meridienne Room Pick up & pay for Guin Auction items
(right after the IAMSLIC Business and EURASLIC Board meetings)
17:00-19:00 [5:00-7:00]
Meridienne Room IAMSLIC Executive Board Meeting
19:00 [7:00] Buses depart from Le Quartz/hotel area
for IFREMER Gala
19:30-20:30 [7:30-8:30]
IFREMER Green Salon Cocktails
20:30-22:45 [8:30-10:45]
IFREMER Salon de l'Ocean Gala Dinner with Breton music

22:45 [10:45] Buses return delegates to Le Quartz/hotel area
Thursday, 18 October
08:30 Buses depart from Le Quartz/hotel area
Meridienne Room Announcements
Auditorium Welcome
Mr. F. LE VERGE, Director of the Center

Strategic Program of IFREMER, with Specific
Considerations on the Importance Given to the
European and International Scientific and
Technological Collaboration

Mr. Jean-François MINSTER, President and
General Director of IFREMER
Auditorium Strategy of Research in Biotechnology,
a Change of Paradigm: the Role of Genomic
Data Bases and of Scientific Information Systems

Mr. J. QUÉRELLOU, Head of the Microbiological and
Biotechnological Laboratory

Research in Geosciences: Major Discoveries
During the Last Years and Challenges Linked to the
Interest of the Industry for the Deep Sea Resources.
Needs and Constraints of the Searchers in the Field of:
Scientific Information, Bibliographic Resource
Management and Publications.

Mr. H. BOUGAULT, Head of the Geosciences Department

* Sponsored by IFREMER
Auditorium Coriolis: a French Project for in situ
Operational Oceanography.

Mr. Ph. MARCHAND, Head of the Operational Oceanography

IFREMER Computer Facilities
and Communication Network

Mr. P. COTTY, Head of the Computer and
Communication Network Service

IFREMER Scientific Management and
Diffusion Policy and Strategy

Mrs. M. MELGUEN, Head of the Documentation Service

12:30-13:00 [12:30-1:00] Close of the Conference
13:00-14:30 [1:00-2:30]

Lunch at IFREMER
* Sponsored by IFREMER
Includes 10 minute walk

14:30-16:30 [2:30-4:30] Visit IFREMER Major Experimental Facilities
Testing facilites, Biotechnological Laboratory, Geosciences
Department, Data Processing and modelling facilities, etc.

16:30-16:45 [4:30-4:45] Bus transfer to CEDM
17:00-18:30 [5:00-6:30] Visit CEDM
18:30 [6:30] Buses return delegates to Le Quartz/hotel area
Arrive approximately 19:00 [7:00]
Evening Dinner on your own
Friday, 19 October
1. Optional Field Trip (from Brest)
Oceanopolis & Finistère
* Sponsored by IFREMER, Brest and Finistère Council for fully registered delegates.
See Registration Factsheet for others.
Bus departs from Le Quartz/hotel area
13:00-14:00 [1:00-2:00]
(on the way, perhaps a Crêperie (pancake bar))
14:30-19:00 [2:30-7:00]

South Finistère
(Presqu'île de Crozon, Locronan, Quimper)
20:00 [8:00]
Back in Brest
Evening Dinner on your own

2. Optional BNF Tour (In Paris)
13:45-16:00 [1:45-4:00] Bibliothèque National de France (BNF)
20 person limit. No charge.
Transportation on your own.
See Registration Factsheet.
      Quai François Mauriac
      75706 Paris Cedex 13

    Telephone: (Service des Visites)

    Metro: (recommended) Line 14 / Stop Bibliothèque François Mitterrand (near the BNF entrance)

    Bus: (2lines)
      Line 62, Stop Pont de tolbiac-Quai François Mauriac
      Line 89, Stop François Mauriac or Bibliothèque National de France

    Entrance: By the East / Esplanade Emile Durkheim, and then take the "Rampe mécanique" to the "Hall d'accueil"

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