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Library Holdings

Southwest Fisheries Science Center : Report Of Activities

These libraries have indicated that they own this journal:

Southwest Fisheries Science Center : Report Of Activities
Owning Library: Centro de Documentacion, INVEMAR - Colombia
Library Holdings: 1986/Jul/Ago 1987/Jan/Feb 1987/May/Jun 1987/Sep/Oct 1988/Jan/Feb 1988/Mar/Apr 1988/Jul/Ago 1989/Jan/Feb 1989/May/Jun 1989/Nov/Dic 1990/Jan/Feb 1990/Mar/Apr 1990/May/Jun 1990/Jul/Ago 1990/Sep/Oct 1990/Nov/Dic 1991/Jan/Feb 1991/Mar/Apr 1991/May/Jun 1991/Jul/Ago 1991/Sep/Oct 1991/Nov/Dic 1992/Jan/Feb 1992/Mar/Apr 1992/May/Jun 1992/Jul/Ago 1992/Sep/Oct 1992/Nov/Dic 1993/Jan/Feb 1993/Mar/Apr 1993/May/Jun 1993/Jul/Ago 1993/Sep/Oct 1993/Nov/Dic 1994/First Quarter 1994/Second Quarter 1994/Oct/Dic 1995/First Quarter 1995/Second Quarter 1995/Fourth Quarter 1996/Second Quarter 1996/Third Quarter 1996/Fourth Quarter 1997/First Quarter

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