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Visa Requirements

  • To enter Uganda you MUST have a vaccination certificate for yellow fever. Please note that the supply of yellow fever vaccine is currently low in North America; if you are even considering attending the conference consider getting your vaccine as soon as possible.
  • Please visit and determine if you need a visa or additional documentation to enter the country. A totally online e-Visa process is available for most countries including the United States.
  • Letters of invitation to complete your application will be processed by NaFIRRI. Attendees need to send an email to Alice Endra <> and copy to the NaFIRRI Director <>.  An administrative assistant will email you the letter of invitation within 2-4 business days.
  • If you are having difficulty or would like help with the visa process you can also contact a private passport and visa expediter in your country.

If you have additional questions please contact Alice Endra at <> for help.