The following are selection of hotels close to FAO. Make your bookings early as September is high season in Rome. Please quote UN/FAO while making your booking – the hotels may have special rates.

Please note that FAO cannot be responsible for any of your hotel bookings!


Single Room Double Room Breakfast


SANTA PRISCA ***Largo Gelsomini, 25

Tel. 06 574 1917

Fax 06 574 6658

€93.00 €105.00 (single use) Breakfast-buffet Near FAO – Aventino
SOURIRE ***Via Terme Deciane, 3

Tel. 06 575 0958

Fax.06 578 0514

€100.00 €150.00/€120.00(single use) Breakfast-buffet Near FAO – Aventino
SAN ANSELMO ****Piazza S Anselmo, 2

Tel.06 570057

Fax.06 578 3604


€160.00 €160.00(single use) Breakfast-buffet Near FAO – Aventino
HOTEL PRIMUS ROMA ***Via G. da Empoli, 11


Tel. 06 57250515


€85.00 €145.00/105.00*(single use) Near FAO – Piramide
LANCELOT ***Via Capo d’Africa, 47

Tel. 06 7045 0615

Fax 06 7045 0640


€100.00 €130.00/140.00(single use) Yes Near FAO –(Colosseum)
DOMUS AVENTINA ***Via di Santa Prisca, 11b

Tel. 06 574 6135

Fax.06 573 00044

€108.00 €158.00/133.00(single use) Breakfast-buffet Near FAO –Aventino
HOTEL VILLA SAN PIO ***Via Santa Melania, 19

Ph. +39 06.570057

Fax +39.06.5741112

E-mail: info@aventinohotels.com

€105.00 €150.00/135.00(single use) Near FAO –Aventino
HOTEL AVENTINO***Via di S. Domenica, 10

Tel. +39 06 570057

Fax +39 06 5741112

€120.00 €105.00(single use) Near FAO –Aventino

*Not included: City tax per person per night.



Convents in Rome provide good accommodation for tourists and conference attendees as well as pilgrims. The two convents listed below are located in a walking distance from FAO.

Name: VILLA ROSA, Dominican Sisters – not available anymore

Name: Casa Santa Francesca Romana

Address: Via dei Vascellari, 61. 00153 Roma

Tel: 0039 0606.5812.125

Fax: 0039 0606.5812.125

Email: istituto@sfromana.it

Located in Trastevere. The fares for bed and breakfast are €89,00 for a single room; €129,00 for a double room and €170 for a triple room, €199 for a quadruple room

Monastery Stays website: http://www.monasterystays.com/


NEW!!! https://www.airbnb.com/ – Airbnb is a community marketplace where guests can book spaces from hosts, connecting people who have space to spare with those who are looking for a place to stay. Through their experiences on Airbnb, guests and hosts build real connections with real people from all over the globe – many cheap options, including some located close to FAO


Bed and Breakfast

Name: Bed & Breakfast Association of Rome.

Address: via A. Pacinotti, 73 sc. E. 00146 Rome – Italy

Tel: +39-0655302248

Fax: +39-0655302259

Email: info@b-b.rm.it ; inquiry@b-b.rm.it


URL:  http://www.b-b.rm.it/

The following is a very informative website with other useful links. Includes short-let apartments in the centre of Rome.