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Conference Programs and Map (PDF)

Conference Presentations and Streaming Video are available for viewing

Friday, August 24

1730-1930 CYAMUS WELCOME RECEPTION (UAA Student Union Den)
Alaska-themed buffet with hot / cold appetizers; cash bar for beer and wine

Saturday, August 25

CYAMUS MEETING (Library Room 307)

1000-1015 Welcome, Introductions

1015-1200 Short presentations to share tools, initiatives and issues

1200-1300 Lunch

1300-1600 Short presentations continued

Online poster presentation: Coos Bay Bibliography / Barbara Butler
Abstract: A comprehensive bibliography of monographs, theses, agency reports and peer-reviewed literature relating to Coos Bay was compiled using EndNote. Each of the 415 resources was examined to determine where samples were collected. Google Earth was used for the initial geo-referencing and then KML files were transferred to to create the final graphic. Future plans include quarterly updates to the database and the addition of data sources. See:

1600-1800 Cyamus Business Meeting

2000 Bus departs conference hotel for downtown Anchorage.

2030-2300 DINNER (32 people max) at the Glacier BrewHouse (optional event)
Food served family-style at tables; cash bar for beer and wine

Sunday, August 26

900-1200 Optional field trip to the Alaska Native Heritage Center (Bus departs conference hotel 8:45; returns 12:30)

1400-1600 IAMSLIC Executive Board Meeting (Library Dean’s Conference Room 302A)

1600-1700 IAMSLIC/IODE Discussion

1730 Registration (APU Carr Gottstein lobby)


Monday, August 27

0830-0900 Registration, Speaker set-up (Library Room 307)

0900-1000 Opening Ceremony

  • Alaska Native Blessing / Ossie Kairaiuak, Alaska Native Studies
  • UAA Chancellor Welcome / Tom Case, UAA Chancellor
  • UAA Library Dean Welcome / Steve Rollins (rescheduled to Wed am)
  • IAMSLIC President Welcome / Amy Butros
  • 2012 IAMSLIC Conference Convener Welcome / Maria Kalentsits

1000-1040 An Overview of Alaska Fisheries and Current Policy Issues / Keynote speaker: Dr. Gunnar Knapp, Professor, Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska Anchorage

1040-1100 Break

1100-1200 First IAMSLIC Business Meeting

1200-1300 Lunch

Session 1: Innovations in Instruction (Moderator: Dorothy Barr)

  • 1300-1340 Exploring gaming technology to influence ethical research / M.F. Leonard
  • 1340-1420 Creating QR Codes for point-of-use teaching and learning activities / E. Connor

1420-1440 Break

Session 2: Changing Roles for Libraries
(Moderator: Ruth Gustafson)

  • 1440-1520 Fight of our lives: Innovative ways in which libraries can remain relevant in the face of ITC developments / Z. Hadebe
  • 1520-1600 Changing role of NAFIRRI Library and what it has done to stay viable / A. Endra

1600-1640 Environmental Justice: Worldwide Case Studies and Contaminants in Alaska / Invited speaker: Dr. Frank von Hippel, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alaska Anchorage

1645-1740 Executive Board Meeting

Tuesday, August 28

0830-0900 Speaker set-up (Library Room 307)

Session 3: Databases and Discovery (Moderator: Jean Crampon)

  • 0900-0940 Show me the databases: What would Stephanie use? / J. Webster & B. Butler
  • 0940-1040 Panel discussion: On the wild frontier of discovery / Moderated by Steve Watkins

1040-1100 Break

1100-1140 How Chitons Explain the World / Invited speaker: Dr. Henry Huntington, Science Director, Arctic Program, Pew Environment Group

1200-2300 Box Lunch / Trip to Seward (meeting at SeaLife Center)
(Bus departs UAA Consortium Library 1200; returns to conference hotel 2300)

  • 1430-1500 Light refreshments and introduction to the ASLC
  • 1500-1600 Science presentations
  • 1600-1830 Behind-the-scenes tours / Self-guided tours
  • 1830-2030 Reception/Dinner buffet in Underwater Viewing area

Wednesday, August 29

0815-845 Speaker set-up (Library Room 307)

0845-0850 Welcome from UAA Consortium Library Dean / Steve Rollins

Session 4: Data Management (Moderator: Sally Taylor)

  • 0850-0930 Engaging new audiences with specialized data / C. Rinaldo, C. Norton
  • 0930-1010 Data interview / J. Walton
  • 1010-1050 Data publication / L. Raymond

1050-1110 Break
Session 4: Data Management (continued)

  • 1110-1230 IODE panel discussion on data citation / Moderated by C. Norton

1230-1330 Lunch

Session 5: Posters (Moderator: Steve Watkins)

  • 1330-1435 11 x 5-minute brief poster presentations

1435-1510 Break and Poster Viewing

Session 6: Sponsor Presentations (Moderator: Maria Kalentsits)

  • 1510-1535 InterResearch presentation / Ian Stewart, InterResearch
  • 1535-1600 Data and tools to help the library support research excellence, collaboration, and performance measurement / K. Culp, Thomson Reuters

Session 7: Green Flash (Moderator: Lenora Oftedahl)

  • 1600-1700 Series of short presentations on useful topics or resourcesThe Green Flash is the moment of green light that flashes just as the sun sets or rises over open water. The Green Flash in IAMSLIC are those brilliant moments of clarity or insight that occur. They are brief discussions about new discoveries or moments of brilliance in our libraries. Have you got a program to brag about that was particularly successful? Have a new resource that others might find useful? Found a particularly funny cartoon we can all enjoy? Contact Lenora Oftedahl at if you would like share news, reviews and other flashes of insight with your colleagues.

1800-2200 BANQUET at the Quarter Deck, Captain Cook Hotel
(Bus departs conference hotel 1730; returns 2200)

1930- The Endangered Belugas of Cook Inlet / Invited speaker: Dr. Leslie Cornick, Associate Professor of Marine Biology, Alaska Pacific University

Thursday, August 30

0830-0900 Speaker set-up (Library Room 307)

Session 8: Repositories and Digital Preservation (Moderator: Marcel Brannemann)

  • 0900-1000 Aquatic Commons panel discussion / Moderated by Joan Parker
  • 1000-1040 Preservation & conservation in the Digital Age: International treasures / L. Pikula & N. Kraft

1040-1100 Break

1100-1140 Second IAMSLIC Business Meeting

1140-1200 Presentation on 2013 IAMSLIC Conference in Florida / Jaime Goldman

1200-1215 Closure

Friday, August 31

Optional tour to Portage Glacier