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Before you pack

A few important items to note before you travel:

1.     If you are carrying US Dollars, please make sure that the currency, every bill, is newer than the year 2000.  Tanzanian exchange will not take any bills older than 2001 for US Dollars.

2.     If you have not applied for your visa yet, you may need to use the services of a visa expediter, I recommend A Briggs,   (very fast, but expensive, easy to use & organized website).
If you are flying into Dar es Salaam you can get a Visa at the airport, but please make sure that you have enough layover time at the airport, at least 3 hours, due to long lines at immigration.

3.     There will be wireless access in the Zanzibar Beach resort rooms.

4.     Do pack dressy, formal, clothes, at least for our Welcome reception and opening ceremony, because we will have Zanzibar dignitaries, really major dignitaries, honoring us with their presence (you will have to come to see exactly who is coming to our events!) 

5.     Remember to bring items for the Guin Auction, items like chocolates, sweets, unique books, souvenirs from your institution or country, are always very popular. 

6.     Please do remember your Malaria pills, and to take them before travel (check with physicians, clinics, etc. for types of pills and when to take them).

7.     Cost of taxis from Zanzibar airport, or port, to the Zanzibar Beach resort is between $15 and $25 USD.

8.    Business Meeting – Please read the Minutes from the 2010 Conference and any other reports that have been published on the IAMSLIC website.

Minutes :

Annual reports :

MoU with IOC :

MoU with FAO:

Questions?  Please feel free to send me, or Ms. Edna Nyika, our host, any questions that you may have.

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon,

IAMSLIC Conference Convener

IAMSLIC Conference Host

IAMSLIC President