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Netting Knowledge: Two Hemispheres – One World

36th IAMSLIC Annual Conference
17-21 October, 2010
Mar del Plata, Argentina

2nd Latin American Regional Group Meeting
22-23 October, 2010

OceanDocs Latin America
16-17 October, 2010 [Programme]

Mini-ASFA Meeting
25-26 October, 2010 [Programme ESEN]

Welcome! Bienvenido! Bienvenue!

Whether a member of the northern or southern hemisphere we all live and work in one world. The 2010 Conference brings together the knowledge and information professionals from around the globe to share our insights on sharing and managing: data, information and knowledge.

Although it has been said that through technology the world is shrinking; we know the world of knowledge and information is growing. Since we have the expertise in the information and knowledge arena we will be discussing and sharing the issue of marine & aquatic science data, information & knowledge management, retrieval, renewal and use.

This year’s Conference sessions will include panel discussions of current topics, individual paper presentations, research presentations, hands-on workshops, and a conference field trip. There will be many opportunities for networking with fellow marine and aquatic librarians from Latin America and around the world.

Join us / afíliese a nosotros.

Marcia Croy-Vanwely, Conference Chair & Convenor

Guillermina Cosulich and Gabriela Silvoni, our hosts,

Instituto Nacional de Investigacion y Desarrollo Pesquero (INIDEP).

Photos courtesy of EMTUR/MGP & ©

Declarado de Interes Municipal (No. 0894/10) /Declaration of Interest by the Municipality (No. 0894/10)
Declaración de interés/ Declaration of Interest (Res. 036/2010)

Declaración de interés/ Declaration of Interest
Honorable Cámara de Diputados de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (D-2051/2010)

Declaración de interés/ Declaration of Interest
Honorable Cámara de Diputados de la Nación (D-5446/2010)