Nominating Committee

Michelle Leonard (2017-2018)

AFRIAMSLIC–Geoffrey Salanje (2016-2018, third term)
Cyamus–Thumy Webb (2016-2018)
EURASLIC–Kateryna Kulakova (2016-2018, second term)
Latin America–Andrea Cristiani (2016-2018)
PIRG–Miraneta Williams-Hazelman (2016-2018)
SAIL–Michelle Leonard (2016-2018, second term)
Member-at-Large–Vacant (2016-2018)


  • Identify candidates, drawn from members in good standing, for elected positions within IAMSLIC.
    • 2017 — Secretary and President
    • 2018 — Treasurer and President
    • 2019 — Secretary and President
    • 2020 — Treasurer and President


  • Candidate slate presented to Board six weeks prior to annual meeting (2017 Deadline of September 12th).
  • Electronic ballots prepared one month prior to the annual meeting to allow adequate time for voting.

Nominating Committee Membership:
This committee will consist of one member from each regional group and one member-at-large, none of whom are currently on the IAMSLIC Executive Board. Service on the committee is a two-year term and half of the committee will rotate off each year. The Chair will be appointed by a majority vote of the Executive Board.