Call for Proposals

  • Call for Proposals

    The “What” of libraries and information centers is an enormous undertaking. Creation, maintenance, discovery and delivery of physical and electronic resources consumes most of our time. But what about the “How” of those resources? How did they get created? Who created them? What “Whats” are the future of our profession? Blurring the Edges: The Osmosis of Ideas will explore not only the “What” but “How” information, tools and resources are created. Where do ideas for innovation originate? Who inside and outside of our profession collaborates on ideas? How can you bring a new perspective to what we do to create something totally new and unexpected?

    We would like your poster, paper, workshop or panel session on not only “What” is important to us but “How” you got there.

    Some potential topics:

    • What new resource would you like IAMSLIC members to discover?
    • How did that resource get created?
    • The process of creation, collaboration and cooperation
    • How can we think in new ways to create new resources?
    • How do you create a culture of innovation in libraries and information centers?
    • Innovations in resources, services and communication
    • Creative uses of technology
    • Channels for sharing ideas and innovations
    • Keeping IAMSLIC relevant
    • Successful library partnerships

    Please submit your abstracts by April 15, 2017.

    • An abstract is required for consideration by the committee.
    • Oral presentations are typically allotted 20 minutes, not including questions.
    • Submissions may be for papers, posters, workshops or panel sessions.
    • You may also propose a topic on which you would like to lead a 30-minute small group discussion during breakout sessions.
    • Conference registration is required in order to present an accepted paper.
    • All submissions will be reviewed for relevance to the conference theme, potential interest of the topic for members, and appropriateness of format.
    • Abstracts must be received May 19, 2017 to receive priority consideration with the committee’s responses following in approximately 30 days.