Pre-conference workshop

IAMSLIC and IODE are pleased to offer a pre-conference workshop on Saturday, October 19th, 2013.

Title: Developing your role in the data management planning process

Instructor: Jennifer Walton, Coordinator of Library Services, MBLWHOI Library (Marine Biological Laboratory | Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

Description: This workshop will help librarians and information managers build the skills needed to work with researchers creating data management plans and fulfilling requirements for open data by funders, journals and institutions. We will examine the ways that librarians can support their users’ data management plans including metadata assistance, obtaining a doi, evaluating repositories and getting credit for the re-use of their data. We will then look at using these skills to create a data management plan. We will discuss overcoming barriers as well as examining successful roles for librarians in this area.

Date & Time: Saturday, October 19th 1300-1700. Meet in Hotel lobby at 12:30. Shuttle leaves at 12:45 sharp!

Location: 5th Floor Boardroom, Center of Excellence in Coral Reef Ecosystems Science, Nova Southeastern University’s Oceanographic Center

Cost: $30 (lunch included)